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      Hyflex Learning for the Post-pandemic Campus (Philippines)

      As we transition to a post-pandemic world, academic leaders are forced to rethink what teaching methods would suit their instructors and learners best. Join Dr. Jasper Alontaga, Associate Professor in the College of Education at De La Salle University, and Sir Galvin Ngo, Director of Ateneo de Manila University's SALT Institute, as they discuss current regional thinking and emerging practices around the Hyflex learning approach. They introduce the concept of HyFlex learning, share best practices on effective strategies for establishing and implementing HyFlex models in the Philippine context, and provide participants with the opportunity to exchange their experiences with HyFlex learning.

      Throughout the session, they address:

      • Challenges and considerations in planning for a HyFlex learning approach in the Philippines
      • Strategies that utilize COVID-19 digital learning platforms to support learning recovery in the medium-term post-school reopening
      • Digital tools and resources are available to support institutions