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      Daly Dispatch: December 2020 Edition

      Hello Canvas Family, and welcome to the Daly Dispatch, my monthly update on all things Canvas.

      Instructure + Certica Solutions: Elevating K–12 Assessments, Item Banks, and Learning Analytics

      Last week we announced that Instructure has entered into an agreement to acquire Certica Solutions, an industry leader in K–12 assessments, item banks, and learning analytics. With this addition, the Canvas Learning Platform will offer all the tools educators need to drive student outcomes—bringing LMS, AMS, assessments, and data analytics together into one seamless learning experience—and one big, happy Instructure family.

      As a longtime partner of Canvas and MasteryConnect, Certica Solutions has built a sophisticated approach to K–12 assessment by creating a high-impact program of tightly aligned item bank content, predictive benchmark assessment, and rigorous formative assessment. Whether teachers are using the Navigate or CASE Item Banks to build classroom formatives or districts are delivering CASE Benchmarks, the insights garnered from the assessments can be used to immediately inform instruction and target interventions.  

      To learn more about how this acquisition is building upon our vision for K–20 learning, check out Melissa Loble’s latest blog post.

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      The Best of 2020: Reflecting on Customer Successes

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m grateful to be surrounded by so many brilliant education leaders—both employees and customers of Instructure—who have continued to share their passion for teaching and learning to help me learn more about the world of education.

      Though it’s been a volatile and uncertain year, you have shown me the true meaning of community.  It is remarkable to watch the growth of our online Canvas community network, which now serves over 1 million educators worldwide. You’ve come together to support one another in this new landscape and provide a sense of normalcy and support to students. Many of you were asked to quickly adopt technology tools and reinvent your instructional methods altogether. 

      To celebrate some of the accomplishments we’ve seen this year, I’ve compiled a short list of 2020 success stories (I could never fit all of your successes into one post, but this is a start): 

      • City University pivoted to a fully online learning model in a matter of days at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, the faculty created a professional development website to train over 1,800 teachers on Canvas. 
      • New Caney Independent School District built a seamless learning ecosystem using Canvas for teaching and learning and MasteryConnect for formative assessments and data-driven instruction. 
      • Coastal Alabama Community College transferred its entire workforce training system online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic using Canvas Catalog.
      • Elizabeth Forward School District shifted all learning—even in grades K–5—online in one day, and used Canvas as a professional development tool to fuel teacher collaboration and growth.
      • Palo Alto College used Portfolium to help students showcase their achievements and set goals outside of the classroom.
      • There are so many more…

      I look forward to seeing what you all will accomplish in 2021.  As for all of us at Instructure, we'll continue to put teaching and learning first. Always. Onward!

      Keep learning,