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      Instructure Elected to NSIP Workgroup to focus on Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF)

      New year, new resolutions? Or just continuing the good ones from previous years? That’s exactly what Instructure is doing in 2018 — remaining committed to open standards and interoperability in the education industry to improve digital learning tools and services for all.

      National School Interoperability Programme (NSIP)

      For many years Instructure has worked with the IMS Global Learning Consortium, resulting in the certification of the Canvas LMS in 12 IMS standards — the same standards that provide Australian schools with access to more than 50,000 resources through the national digital learning resources network. Now, we’re continuing our focus on standards in Australia as a paid member of the National School Interoperability Programme (NSIP), which is exploring ways to interconnect the multiple information systems used globally in the education sector. 

      Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF)

      We’ve also been elected to the Data Standards Working Group (DSWG) to actively participate in the continued evolution of the SIFau standard to meet the needs of Australian Schools today and in the future. You can find the full list of participants from the industry here. The work is focused on the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) already used in the US and the UK. SIF simplifies interoperability by using a common data model designed specifically for schools. Ministers of Education have endorsed SIF as the preferred method of exchanging information across the Australian schools sector. 

      As a vendor committed to open standards, built with open APIs and on open LTI integrations, we are excited to collaborate with industry to create a standard that empowers educators in Australia.

      Keep learning,

      Julian Ridden
      Product Manager, Instructure