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      Personalised Learning: Instructure's Take on Teaching in the Age of Technology

      When it comes to education, the time has come to get personal. Educators recognise that their teaching methods, along with the content they use to promote learning, must deliver a unique experience to every student. Current and emerging technologies make building these personalised learning environments easier and more efficient.

      Personalised Learning Paths

      Shifting the focus from traditional group instruction to personalised learning paths for students at all levels helps learners close gaps and improve achievement.. We have an opportunity and responsibility to leverage devices, open architecture, and the greater digital education ecosystem to adequately respond to student expectations. Ideally, the approach should encourage learners to take ownership of their learning.

      Teachers want the best for their students. They continually seek evidence-based ways to improve and measure progress. John Hattie’s groundbreaking research on learning effect sizes shows us that personalised learning has a huge impact on student achievement. Hattie’s Zone of Desired Effects has shown us that self-reported grades, response to intervention, providing formative evaluation, reciprocal teaching, acceleration and mastery learning are a select few activities proven to improve student learning outcomes.

      In the second instalment of our 2018 webinar series, you’ll discover how to deliver easy-to-implement learning activities that can improve student outcomes. Reserve your spot for our webinar “Personalised Learning: Teaching in the Age of Technology” and become part of this exciting discussion. 


      Keep learning,

      Harrison Kelly
      K-12 Senior Regional Director, Instructure