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      Once Upon a Time, We Took CanvasCon Online...

      A story about our biggest virtual event yet told with the help of our Canvas community.

      Educators opening their laptops on October 15, 2020 in preparation for the first CanvasCon Online emulated the feeling of Christmas morning, with so much to look forward to and plenty of connections to be made.

      The day started by gathering around the virtual keynote stage to hear from Instructure executives about their vision for the future of both K12 and higher education, and how communication and community continue to be the most important factors in building an equitable foundation for learning.

      Our CEO, Steve Daly said it best when he said, “Canvas is not simply software. It’s an ecosystem of people, passion, culture, best practices, and technologies that connect in a beautiful way at the point of learning." reinforcing our commitment to education as a company.

      “Canvas isn’t simply software. It’s an ecosystem of people, passion, culture and technologies that connect in a beautiful way at the point of learning.” #CanvasCon #CanvasCon2020

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) October 15, 2020

      Building upon this commitment to education, Trenton Goble, VP of K12 Strategy and Jared Stein, VP of higher education Strategy shared their perspectives on how the COVID-19 pandemic has presented both challenges and opportunities for meaningful change. Both emphasized the ways online learning has both pressured and pushed us all to find new methods for connection and make learning personal.

      "When we endeavor to make learning personal, we are creating opportunities to connect with our students." #CanvasCon #castleberryisd

      — Abigail Offenbaker (@offenbaker_a) October 15, 2020

      THIS! History shows that progress is often made in the most dire of environments. #CanvasCon #CanvasCon2020

      —(@LandeBrady) October 15, 2020

      How to make learning personal: Address the fundamental 5 FIRST when using an LMS @TrentonGoble #CanvasCon #CanvasCon2020 #wgmsworldwide #MISDproud @CanvasLMS

      — Jenn Martin  (@mixtapeartclass) October 15, 2020

      Following their insights, attendees heard from Instructure Privacy Officer, Daisy Bennett, about our guiding privacy principles and the importance of transparency. 

      At the heart of privacy is the ethical use of data...#canvascon #canvascon2020

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) October 15, 2020

      "Privacy is paramount in education."

      Good to hear at #CanvasCon and completely agree. It is fantastic to see that proper handling of student data is part of the keynote as it is one of the more important parts of 21st Century teaching. #CanvasFam

      — Matthew Winters (@TeacherWinters) October 15, 2020

      Very cool to hear that the onboarding process for Canvas will add packages in data privacy and best practices. That is so important for all districts/LEAs to be able to make the best choices for their students. #CanvasCon

      — Matthew Winters (@TeacherWinters) October 15, 2020

      And then, suddenly, Levar Burton took the stage and none of us could contain our excitement. He reminded all of us that our imagination is our super power, literacy is a human right, and that our stories deserve to be told. We could go on and on about his brilliance, but it seems we weren’t the only ones inspired by his remarks.

      LEVAR BURTON!!!!! @levarburton A literal dream come true! "I believe that literacy is the birthright of every individual" This man has inspired me and made me want to become an educator. #CanvasCon2020 #CanvasCon

      — Maggie Donohoe, MS, M.Ed. (@DonohoeMaggie) October 15, 2020

      "Literacy is the birthright of every single one of us." - @levarburton #canvascon

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) October 15, 2020

      Just chilling with @levarburton during #CanvasCon - listening to him talk makes my educator heart lull with happiness!

      — CETL (@juliedavisEDU) October 15, 2020

      To keep the greatness going, Sal Khan reminded us of the importance of enthusiasm in education and the way it makes the world go ‘round.

      "You shouldn't teach anything you can't get excited about. That enthusiasm is infectious." - @SalKhanAcademy#CanvasCon #CanvasCon2020

      — Samuel MacKay (@SamuelMackay) October 15, 2020

      "What can we do so that the world becomes better? Cheer on educational successes." Sal Khan #CanvasCon for @CanvasLMS

      — Matt Moore (@MatthewMooreWFU) October 15, 2020

      And although Canvas is so much more than software like Steve Daly said earlier, everyone loves some good, old-fashioned, reliable software. Attendees shared their excitement about the innovative features we are building and adding to our products this year.

      #MicrosoftTeams and @CanvasLMS = 1 Amazing Educational Experience I love when 2 of my favorites partner together. #CanvasCon

      — Katie Johns (@KJvirtualed) October 15, 2020

      Talk About a Game Changer!! #CanvasCon

      — Katie Johns (@KJvirtualed) October 15, 2020

      Did I spy multiple due dates for discussions? #CanvasCon

      — MAJenn That You Can (@mjennings_uab) October 15, 2020

      Excited to explore the new #accessibility features in @CanvasLMS! #canvascon #udl

      — Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation (@LC_CTLI) October 15, 2020

      Of course, we were all reminded by our Chief Customer Experience Officer, Melissa Loble, that technology doesn’t put the magic in learning, teachers do. In her segment “Some Good Yous” (SGY), she shared some of the ways teachers have come together to overcome adversity, create consistency, and ensure equity in learning.

      •–#canvascon #canvascon2020

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) October 15, 2020

      #Canvascon Be human, Bring Students on the Journey and Have Consistency and Structure...from SGY!

      — Nicole Nelson (@nelsondezign) October 15, 2020

      A fan favorite that made everyone’s day a little brighter? Mr. Miller’s 2020 Back to School song.

      This is so creative! Love it. @CanvasLMS #CanvasCon

      — Dr. KC Testerman (@KCTesterman) October 15, 2020

      Although we couldn’t be experiencing this year’s CanvasCon in the same room, there were many opportunities for collaboration and networking—all from the comfort of our own homes and offices where dogs and babies could join in on the fun.

      Another plus to #CanvasCon being online this year…. the ability to connect conversations with colleagues who wouldn’t otherwise attend by simply walking my laptop down the hall and having my friends pop into the room for a quick conversation! #CanvasCon2020

      — Sean Nash (@nashworld) October 15, 2020

      One upside of virtual #CanvasCon is being able to do it with my boy :) Excited to share ideas and meet new people today. #startemyoung #education

      — Christopher Downs (@ChrisjbDowns) October 15, 2020

      Walking the dog and listening to a keynote at #CanvasCon so virtual has its benefits.

      — Kalli-Ann Binkowski (@Scibink) October 15, 2020

      After a brief technical issue (because it wouldn’t be 2020 without one) attendees were back at it! Because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that educators are resilient.

      Even in an online format, the conversations and connections never stopped. We shared our selfies with one another, earned badges, and made the most of every moment.

      This is such a good way to see other participants. #CanvasCon selfie booth! #CanvasCon2020 #canvascononline

      — Diliara Nasirova (@DiliaraN) October 15, 2020

      Thank you @BadgrTeam for providing that little extra motivation during #CanvasCon

      — — (@JoiNTech716) October 15, 2020

      Doing my #CanvasCon thing! I am a @CanvasLMS Lover!

      — Trelawny Shepherd, M. Ed. (@MrsShepGCISD) October 15, 2020

      Really enjoying #CanvasCon2020 virtually! Great keynotes & great sessions... thank you @CanvasLMS! #CanvasCon #BetterTogether #WeAreSAUSD #EdTech #PLN #distancelearning #hybridlearning #studentchoice #StudentVoice #thesnapbar

      — Stacy Kline (@StacyKTweets) October 15, 2020

      To everyone who attended CanvasCon 2020: Thank you! We are honored to be a small part of the work you do everyday and we can’t wait to see what you do next.

      To access the recorded sessions and keynotes, we invite you to access our post-event website below.

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