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      How your RTO Can Leverage Open Digital Badging

      Learn how your institution can use Canvas Credentials to leverage open digital badging that’s verified, stackable, portable, and widely recognised

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      How can your RTO help students celebrate their wins – big and small - in their learning journey? There are lots of opportunities to do so, such as:


      • Competency

      • Full completion of a new skill or skill set

      • Cluster of competencies

      • Module completion

      • Mini-course

      • Professional certification

      • On-the-job training or practicum, and right up to completing their qualification with your RTO 

      • At the halfway point for the student who is completing a new skill

      Find out more about how Canvas Credentials can be part of your RTO’s digital credentialing journey. Get in touch to schedule a demo and get a custom-tailored walk through.