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      Surf Life Saving NSW delivers Certificate Program flexibly, with Canvas.

      Surf Life Saving New South Wales is focused on delivering training to its members in an innovative way. Here’s a video from their team showing how they do that:

      This video was created by Surf Life Saving NSW. We’re excited to publish it here with their permission.

      “We will have some of the best resources being pushed out to our members to make you proud to be educators and trainers at Surf Life Saving NSW”
      - Steven Pearce, AFSM, CEO, Surf Life Saving NSW.

      In the video, one surf lifesaver studying to become a training officer describes why this online training offers a better experience when balancing the demands of daily life. 

      (A breakout discussion in a live virtual classroom session for SLSNSW program participants) 

      Another explains their preference for interactive formats including video learning, quizzes and discussions with other members of the course. 


      About SLSNSW: 

      Today, Surf Life Saving NSW (SLSNSW) has members across 129 Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSCs) and 11 branches performing thousands of rescues, preventative actions and first aid treatments each year. Now boasting over 75,000 members in NSW alone it is one of the largest volunteer organisations of its type in Australia.

      History with Instructure:

      Surf Life Saving NSW first began their Canvas journey back in 2019.

      Instructure Products:

      Canvas LMS and Canvas Studio.


      SLSNSW is currently delivering innovative training to 300 of its members.