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      Return to Onsite Classes with Contact Tracing

      With the frantic pivot to online delivery somewhat complete, many educational institutions are now planning for a return to onsite and hybrid delivery in the Fall. This brings with it many challenges.

      Some of the questions that are being planned for may include:

      • How do we social distance in a lecture theater?
      • Should we keep every other seat free?
      • And the biggest: What happens if a student tests positive to Covid-19?

      Contact tracing has proven to be an effective method of containing outbreaks. If a person reports a positive test, then the contacts of that person over the last few weeks are typically identified, contacted, and asked to take precautions.

      Many contact tracing solutions on the market require a positive action from people, such as downloading an app, or more manual options such as keeping a location diary. This is less than ideal as it requires full participation to be effective.

      aPlus+ Attendance, integrated with Canvas, has released a contact tracing report that can quickly identify the students and faculty that a student has shared a scheduled session with over a period of time. If a student reports a positive test, the report can be run to instantly retrieve students and faculty who need to be contacted. This requires no input or action from the students in advance as it is based on their course, timetable and attendance information. An enhancement that will be delivered for the Fall will allow seating plans to be setup so that contact tracing can be refined based on location within a room.

      A contactless scanning option (using your existing cards) also exists for any non-scheduled location such libraries and open labs.

      If you are not recording attendance, the contact tracing report can be set to assume that all students attended all classes. If you are considering adding attendance recording, even in the short term, then we have many options to assist.

      If your return to onsite classes includes an option for students to attend remotely (hybrid delivery), you may wish to mark their attendance using our new Zoom integration. This can automatically mark that students attended remotely and exclude them from contact tracing for those online sessions.

      Please visit our website for more information or reach out to us directly at

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