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      5 K–12 Success Stories You Need to Read

      Heroic. That’s how we’d describe the education community’s response to the ongoing disruptions to teaching and learning. But despite the challenges educators have faced, we’ve seen their grit, innovation, and passion shine through. We’re honored to be even a small part of the work some of these educators do every day, which is why we never miss an opportunity to share their successes with the world.

      To give you all a sprinkle of inspiration, we’ve rounded up five K–12 case studies that share the story behind the technology. We’re talking about the leaders, educators, and students that have impacted learning for the better. Check them out below:

      Elizabeth Forward School District: Advancing Blended Learning

      Products Used: Canvas

      At Elizabeth Forward, everyone learns together on one platform at their own pace. This forward-thinking district strives to create lifelong learners with learning environments that nurture the academic, social, and emotional skills of each student. They embrace the ever-changing educational landscape by integrating technology into all learning objectives—even in primary grades.

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      Epic Charter Schools: Strengthening Virtual Instruction

      Products Used: MasteryConnect

      With MasteryConnect, educators at Epic have been able to frequently evaluate their own instruction and make timely decisions that positively impact learning—all while providing students with the flexibility to take assessments wherever they are, on any device. Their strategic formative assessment strategy has fueled data-driven instruction and helped both teachers and students find common ground in virtual classrooms.

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      Navigate-NIDES: Driving Relationship-Focused Learning

      Products Used: Canvas, Studio

      Navigate-NIDES is a Distributed Learning school, allowing students and educators to participate in instruction while located in different, non-centralized locations. Leaders at Navigate created guiding Canvas principles to facilitate online learning that focuses on the social and emotional needs of all learners. Teachers use Canvas Commons to streamline teacher collaboration, freeing up more time to interact with students.

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      New Caney Independent School District: Building a Seamless Learning Ecosystem

      Products Used: Canvas, MasteryConnect, Studio

      The New Caney ISD team has one rule for all learning apps and tools: Each tool must directly integrate into Canvas with the goal of improving accessibility for students. With connection at the center of all teaching and learning, New Caney ISD simplifies the instructional design process by using Canvas Blueprints in grades PreK–12 so teachers can focus solely on curating content and curriculum, not building courses.
      Additionally, New Caney ISD uses MasteryConnect in grades 6–12 to identify student levels of understanding, then uses that data to inform the instructional process in Canvas.

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      Olathe Public Schools: Scaling Meaningful Assessment With Professional Development

      Products Used: MasteryConnect

      Olathe Public Schools has partnered with the Center for Leadership & Learning at Instructure to train over 3,000 teachers and 60+ leaders in the last two years.
      The district takes a top-down approach to professional development with the belief that all change must begin with supportive, engaged, and effective leaders. Using MasteryConnect, Olathe creates and administers standards-based formative assessments to identify student levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and evaluate teacher efficacy.

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