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      New Video: Commuting With Canvas

      Few things are as precious to students as time. Many learners face obstacles that can delay their learning. In the case of Mickah Claron, the distance and traffic between her home and her school, Far Eastern University in the Philippines, add hours to her today. Mickah uses the Canvas mobile application during her 3-4 hour round trip commute to stay ahead of her assignments, quizzes, and everything else she needs to stay prepared for class. 

      Mickah says she finds that her mind works best during the morning and taking advantage of technology is a natural way to learn.

      “My phone is not just for social media. My phone is actually for learning. My parents trust me because when they see me busy studying they think that Canvas is actually a great thing for me.”

      Mickah Claron, Student, Far Eastern University (Philippines)

      Learning can happen anywhere, anytime. See the benefits of the Canvas Learning Management Platform and its mobile apps for your students and institution by visiting