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      Instructure Encourages Gamification Which is More Than Just a Badge

      The need to continue to build on educational experiences and make them more engaging for students is just one takeaway from our latest webinar on gamification in the classroom.


      Gamification, or game-based learning design, is more than just about enhancing your curriculum with points, badges and leaderboards. “Instead, it’s about incentivising people to engage and actively participate in your learning,” says Jared. But for many educators, they still seek to understand the “why” behind the gamification methodology beyond just enhancing engagement.

      Jared Ward, an experienced teacher, gamification advocate and now Senior Solutions Engineer with Instructure says there’s no such thing as a perfectly gamified lesson or course. But going through the improvement process through iteration is key - as is a teacher that should test new ideas to see what’s it’s like to be a student.


      Jared has advice for anyone who wants to incorporate gamification in their teaching: “Consider your objectives first. The tools are less important, the objectives and learning goals are what’s key.”

      Check out highlights from our first gamification discussion:


      Keep learning,

      Julian Ridden
      Product Manager, Instructure