Why Choose: The Benefits of Integrating Google Classroom with Canvas LMS

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While Google Classroom is primarily used in K12, more higher education instructors and institutions are adopting the tool to centralize and track student progress across multiple courses and devices. Google Classroom is not a full-featured learning management system (LMS) that offers reliability, surrounding services, robust central management with administrator capabilities, or versatile outcomes and assessment options, but it’s one of many edtech tools that integrate seamlessly with Canvas LMS. Read on to see why educators don’t have to choose between the two. 


User Experience

  • YES, with Google Classroom you can enjoy the simplicity and ease of use that Google Classroom offers.
  • AND, use Canvas to create a truly interactive and personalized learning experience that comes with industry-leading services and support.

Grading and Feedback 

  • YES, track and administer assignments across multiple classes with Google Classroom.
  • AND, take advantage of time-saving features in Canvas like SpeedGrader, outcomes-aligned rubrics, auto-graded quizzes, and multimedia feedback options.


  • YES, edit and comment within shareable Google documents and sheets. 
  • AND, use Canvas to increase engagement through group assignments, peer review, and course- and account-level groups – all with the ability to provide group feedback.


  • YES, make assignments and course content accessible to all students.
  • AND, offer best-in-class data security and accessibility in Canvas through Accessibility Checker within the Rich Content Editor, automated captioning, blueprint courses for consistency, mastery paths for individualized learning – all within vital accessibility standards compliance.


  • YES, engage in communication and sharing capabilities with tools like Google Meet and Google Drive.
  • AND, use Canvas to bolster communication with Discussions and Chat with individual students, groups, or the entire class through messaging, audio notes, video, and more. Also, share relevant teaching and learning resources with Canvas Commons.

Analytics and Reporting

  • YES, look into Google Classroom’s G-reporting at the individual course level for basic engagement and performance reporting.
  • AND, access detailed course- and account-level analytics in Canvas, as well as robust institutional reporting.

As the #1 educational software, Canvas LMS provides educators with a centralized learning hub of all their favorite tools, like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe, and hundreds of other technology partners. Powerful integrations can elevate course delivery with time-saving features that provide individualized learning and feedback while fostering a more collaborative and immersive experience for all learners.


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