A Message of Gratitude and Support for Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank You, Teachers.

Hello Teachers!

As part of this very important week, I want to celebrate YOU. Each and everyone one of you is guiding lives, driving positive social change, and shaping our world’s future through the incredibly important work you do. I love listening to your stories, finding ways to help you have the space to do the rewording work you do, and raising awareness of the challenges you face day to day. I learn and grow from what you share, ultimately making my own teaching practice that much better. And your spirit is quite frankly, awesomely inspiring.

Together, let’s take a minute to soak in teacher appreciation week, dedicated entirely to you, our educators.


Speaking of dedication, Instructure is dedicated every day to supporting you in your practice and personal lives. Here are just a few things that guide our actions as a company:

  • We crave and respect your feedback, which in turn goes into product, service, and thought leadership work. An amazing example of this ongoing collaboration is the collection of the upcoming product improvements documented in our Instructure Roadmap.
  • We unpack the challenges you face and do our best to deliver helpful information and/or product enhancements that lessen the impact of those challenges. Check out our guides and resources for Canvas, Mastery, Elevate, and Impact.
  • We bring together you and your colleagues working at other institutions to share best practices, pro tips, and ideas for innovation. Come join us at InstructureCon in person this year!

As we celebrate each day of this amazing week, head to the Instructure Community where we’ll be sharing resources you can use in your Canvas course- from templates to banners and more!

Most importantly, we want to do anything we can to give you the space to care for your whole person. The last few years have been fraught with challenges, some new and some old. The pace of change does not seem to be letting up as we head into mid-2023 or look to the future either. Taking moments for ourselves, focusing on our wellness, and giving ourselves grace is so important, yet so often deprioritized. So, I encourage you not only to take that moment to celebrate the greatness of you but to remind yourself that self-care is paramount.

Here’s to you! 

With deep appreciation,

Melissa Loble

Chief Customer Experience Officer

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