How FeedbackFruits Helps Canvas Users Unlock Pedagogy with Active Learning Solutions

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At the heart of education lies the challenge of effectively implementing active learning strategies, across different courses and modalities, while making it scalable. But FeedbackFruits addresses this challenge head-on. Their all-in-one Teaching and Learning System offers a range of customizable pedagogy solutions, including Feedback and Assessment, Collaboration and Engagement, and Competency-Based Assessment, allowing faculty to easily implement active learning according to their needs, through proven pedagogies.

Integrating the FeedbackFruits Teaching and Learning system into your digital ecosystem will enable your faculty and staff to effortlessly scale active learning for students. These diverse workflows facilitate student engagement with learning content, their peers, and their faculty members, ultimately enhancing knowledge retention and understanding to improve learning outcomes.

1. Enhanced Active Learning Integration

FeedbackFruits’ Teaching and Learning System integrates seamlessly with Canvas LMS, enabling faculty to easily implement active learning strategies. Customizable solutions for feedback, assessment, collaboration, and competency-based learning help scale active learning across diverse courses and modalities, enriching student engagement and improving learning outcomes.

2. Streamlined Administrative Workflows

The partnership reduces administrative burdens by allowing Canvas users to purchase FeedbackFruits directly through Instructure. This streamlined process enhances operational efficiency and enables educators to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

3. Robust Learning Analytics

FeedbackFruits provides powerful analytics tools within Canvas, giving institutions valuable insights into student progress and engagement. Real-time data helps educators refine teaching strategies, identify learning gaps, and allocate resources effectively to support student success.

4. Proven Success and Support

The longstanding collaboration between FeedbackFruits and Canvas is backed by success stories from esteemed institutions like the University of Washington and Yale University. These examples demonstrate the transformative impact of FeedbackFruits on enhancing online education through active learning, collaboration, and effective assessment practices.

Are you interested in learning more about pedagogy and active learning? FeedbackFruits will attend InstructureCon 2024 and will be one of the official sponsors of InstructureCon’s Scavenger Hunt. So visit them at booth #47 to learn more about pedagogy and active learning, and of course, get your stamp and grab some merch.   

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