Channel Program Overview

A learning management system is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Educational Institutions around the world demand the very best solutions only available from the Instructure Learning Platform.

The Instructure Channel Sales Program not only has world class sales incentives, but also an in depth Channel Enablement program to help your teams be in the best position to take advantage of the fast growing EdTech market.

Channel Partnerships

The Instructure Channel offers multiple Channel Partnership Types

Value Added Reseller

A Value Added Reseller works collaboratively with Instructure to both sell and support (through implementation, training, and support services) Instructure Products in their unique market. Learn more about our Value Added Reseller program benefits and what the ideal VAR looks like in our Program Guide.

Revenue Opportunities

Deal Registration

Market Development Funds

Instructure Reseller Program

Certified Services Partner

A Certified Services Partner provides core services: Implementation, Training, & Support. They can offer additional premium services, such as migration, change management, & Instructional design. Learn more about Services Partnerships here.

Revenue Opportunities

Customer leads across the program

Best in-class enablement

Instructure Certified Services Partner

Certified Referral Partner

Referral Partners pass leads to Instructure when they see that one or more products in the Instructure Learning Platform will meet their client’s needs. When the sale closes, the Referral Partner receives a one-time revenue share payment. Learn more about our Referral Program in our Program Guide.

Easy Referral Submission

Simple Commision Payments

Sales Enablement

Instructure Referral Partner

OPX Partner

OPX Partners provide various online program management services and ensure the best experience for their educational partner users by leveraging the Instructure Platform. Learn more about our OPX Programs in our Program Guide.


Instructure Sales Support

Instructure Services

Instructure online program management services partner

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Instructure has over 400 partners in the EdTech Collective. Learn more about our technology partnerships and how their products engage with the Instructure Learning Platform.