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Instructure Partner Program

The Instructure Channel Sales Program not only offers fantastic sales incentives but also comes with a robust channel enablement program. This is designed to empower your teams in the dynamic edtech market. With comprehensive support and resources, we ensure your teams have the tools and knowledge to navigate and make the most of the exciting opportunities in the sector.

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Our Partners

Diamond Partners

Diamond Services Partners play a crucial role in the Instructure Channel Program. They are authorized to deliver a comprehensive range of Instructure services within the channel. This partnership is mutually beneficial: Instructure benefits by guaranteeing top-notch services for clients through channel partners, fostering brand loyalty. Our Diamond Services Partners retain 100% of their revenue, receive support from the Instructure customer success organization, and directly receive leads from the Instructure channel. It's a win-win collaboration.

Value Added Reseller

A Value Added Reseller works collaboratively with Instructure, handling both sales and support, including implementation, training, and support services for Instructure products in their specific market. Discover the advantages of our VAR program and explore the characteristics of an ideal VAR in our program guide.

Certified Services Partner

Certified Services Partners specialize in core services like implementation, training, and support. In addition, they have the capability to provide premium services such as migration, change management, and instructional design. Explore more about our services partnerships here.

Certified Referral Partner

Referral Partners play a key role by passing leads to Instructure when they see that one or more products in the Instructure Learning Platform will meet their needs. Upon successful closure of the sale, the Referral Partner receives a one-time revenue share payment. Dive into the details of our referral program in our program guide to learn more.

Why Partner With Instructure?

As a pioneering cloud-native company, Instructure consistently pushes the boundaries of technology to shape the future of education. Joining this program means becoming a part of an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, fostering an environment where transformative technologies and robust partnerships work hand in hand. The overarching mission is clear — to empower customers securely while upholding values of responsibility and sustainability, making it a compelling journey for companies committed to growth and positive impact.


Financial Incentives

The Instructure Partner Program provides a comprehensive set of profitable benefits. As you grow your business with Instructure, you increase your eligibility for lucrative rebates and marketing development funds.

New Market Opportunities

Access a powerful go-to-market sales engine and demand generation opportunities supported by marketing development funds. Accelerate your business with expert product training and competitive content provided to your team to develop sales, marketing, and technical skills.

Collaborative Engagement

Enjoy consistent engagement with access to partner-inspired tools and resources, including sales tools, tracking benefits, and demand generation programs to build your pipeline and expedite time to market.

Discover the Benefits of Joining Our Channel

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