Canvas + Studio Product Demo


In this product demo video, we will showcase the powerful features and capabilities of the Canvas Learning Management System, which is the foundation of the Instructure Learning Platform. Whether you're a student, teacher, or part of an educational institution, Canvas offers a comprehensive digital learning hub designed to enhance teaching, learning, and student success.

Watch now to explore the key themes of the student perspective, teacher perspective, and institutional/organizational features within Canvas. Let's dive in and discover how Canvas can revolutionize your learning experience.


The video will discuss the features and capabilities of the Canvas Learning Management System within the Instructure Learning Platform.

The first theme focuses on the student perspective:

  • The dashboard provides a user-friendly interface with quick access to necessary links.
  • Students can personalize their interface, access feedback, track to-do lists, and sync important dates to external calendars.
  • The navigation menu offers easy access to courses, groups, and more.
  • Teachers can scaffold content and assessments to meet individual learning needs.
  • Canvas Pages allow various content types, including videos, files, and external content integration.
  • Assessments, quizzes, and discussions promote student collaboration and immediate feedback.
  • Mobile apps provide on-the-go engagement, calendar syncing, content access, and submission capabilities.

The second theme focuses on the teacher perspective:

  • The dedicated teacher app enables bulk communication and monitoring of student progress.
  • SpeedGrader facilitates efficient assessment with features like similarity reports.
  • Rubrics, annotation tools, and comment libraries simplify grading and providing feedback.
  • The web application also offers access to SpeedGrader and associated tools, submission history, and feedback options.
  • The gradebook provides a combined view of assessments, with easy identification of submission status.

Canvas Modules:

  • Modules offer an engaging and differentiated learning experience.
  • "Mastery paths" allow differentiation based on diagnostic assessment scores.
  • Module completion criteria control access to content and assessments.
  • Various assessment types, integration of third-party tools, and plagiarism detection are supported.
  • Content creation is made easy with the intuitive Rich Content Editor and access to external applications.
  • Canvas Studio enhances video engagement and inclusivity with interactive features.
  • Course Analytics provides insights into student progress, engagement, and attendance.

The third theme focuses on institutional/organizational aspects:

  • Canvas supports robust content management strategies, including Blueprint and templates for centralized management and consistency.
  • Canvas Commons serves as a learning object repository for accessing global and institution-specific content.
  • Content can be shared, reviewed, and imported into courses easily.

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