LMS Evaluation: Building An Equitable Foundation for Digital Learning


As K-12 educators around the world have responded to the unprecedented changes in the education landscape, collective efforts were made to provide access to all students. First and foremost, ensuring every student had proper devices and connectivity at home was paramount. But the devices are only the first step, students need access to high-quality content and instruction wherever, whenever learning happens.

Due to these unexpected challenges, having a reliable, connected learning management system has been at the forefront of instructional continuity plans.

As we’ve all experienced in the last few months, embracing change can be difficult— and it is particularly challenging when the continuance and quality of teaching and learning is on the line. As you look to switch your LMS (or adopt one for the first time) you’re likely to have the following questions: have the following questions:

  • Can the LMS connect with existing systems and tools? 
  • What does the onboarding and implementation process look like? 
  • How does the LMS scale differentiated curriculum and instruction? 
  • Is the mobile app experience user-friendly and reliable for students, teachers and parents? 
  • How has the reliability, support, and partnership experience been during the sudden transition to remote learning? 

To answer these questions, we called upon two innovative educational leaders who know what it takes to lead a successful and meaningful LMS implementation.

Tune into our upcoming webinar 5 Must-Haves When Switching or Choosing an LMSon June 11, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT, to hear from Denise Lutz, Chief Technology Officer at Upper Arlington City Schools, and Philip Jarosz, Instructional Support Specialist from the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District, about their LMS evaluation process and why they chose Canvas to support their teaching, learning, and professional development needs.


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