Empowering Education Through Secure Solutions: Instructure Participates in the White House's Back to School Safety Cybersecurity Summit

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Last week I represented Instructure at the White House's Back to School Safety Cybersecurity Summit. Alongside other government, community, and business partners, I shared our commitment to strengthening the overall cybersecurity posture of schools in the United States and what Instructure is doing to ensure the security and privacy of student data. The summit included Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, First Lady Jill Biden, and many others concerned with safeguarding student data.

This event was a positive step forward in helping promote and prioritize vital cybersecurity practices and resources to fortify our schools and thwart cyber threats from disrupting our classrooms. First Lady Jill Biden said at the event, “If we want to safeguard our children’s futures, we must protect their data. And that’s why my husband, Joe, is bringing together experts from across his administration to help strengthen cybersecurity for our elementary, middle, and high schools.” It was an honor to be able to participate in such an important event.

A Collaborative Effort for a Safer Future

Cybersecurity, data privacy, and investing in the infrastructure required to ensure ongoing safety are critically important, so we’re committed to CISA guidelines. Working closely with thousands of K12 districts and Higher Education Institutions, as well as over 850 technical, integration, and teaching/learning providers and partners, Instructure not only ensures Canvas and the rest of the Instructure Learning Platform meet and exceed rigorous standards but our tools equip, support, and require the organizations we work with to do so as well. A secure educational environment fosters an environment where student success is more likely to be achieved, so we must work together. 

Championing Security and Privacy at Every Step

At the core of our values lies the principle of "secure by design" and "privacy by design." As we add new partners and further develop the Instructure Learning Platform, we must incorporate security into the process at every step. This unwavering commitment propels us forward as we continuously refine our processes to deliver secure and private products by default. As an organization, we have signed the Student Data Privacy Pledge, EdSafe AI Pledge, and others advancing security in edtech. Many Instructure leaders work with influential industry organizations, including 1EdTech, SIIA, and other international, federal, state, and local initiatives. 

Helping Our Customers Comply with Industry Standards and Best Practices

Educational institutions need resilient, dependable edtech solutions they can depend on to do the essential work of educating. Our security programs and initiatives align with prominent cybersecurity frameworks such as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). These frameworks provide a solid foundation for robust cybersecurity practices, and we're proud to help institutions adhere to these standards when they implement any Instructure Learning Platform solution. We're alleviating many security challenges schools face by offering out-of-the-box support for capabilities such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). 

In conclusion, participating in the White House's Cybersecurity Summit signifies our steadfast commitment to fostering a secure and nurturing digital learning environment for K-12 and higher education institutions. As we work to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together, we’ll continue to prioritize innovative, secure, and reliable solutions.

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