An Easier Way to Align Content: The New AB Connect Alignment App is Here


The new Elevate Standards Alignment App is now live and available to all users with an Elevate Standards Alignment Professional license. Powered by Curated Crosswalk data, the app makes it easier for content or platform providers to review state and national learning standards and accurately align their content. 

Academic Benchmarks is the largest collection of up-to-date digitized learning standards. Coupled with Elevate Standards Alignment, we support our partner solution providers to expand their product offerings, meet the needs of their customers, and reach new education markets. The new app is designed to be easily accessible, features simple navigation, utilizes powerful prediction functionality, and provides better search capabilities to improve the customer experience on tagging and discovering content.

Why You Will Love It

The Elevate Standards Alignment App utilizes powerful technology to make the content alignment
process even simpler and more efficient. Internal and external developers or aligners can utilize the app to review multiple documents from Curated Crosswalk to:

  • Understand similarities and differences across authorities
  • Develop and align content correctly
  • Update alignments more efficiently 
  • Align an additional standards document by using previous alignment to predict future alignments 

A Better Way to Align

The Elevate Standards Alignment App allows for simple crosswalk-based alignments, including future bi-directionality of standards to assets and assets to standards solutions.

Users are able to log in using their account information and access the organizations to which they are associated. They can then easily and quickly navigate to a standard for review of similar standards or for alignment purposes. Content providers can review predictions for quick alignment using previous alignment work and then interact with predictions to efficiently update their alignments. They also have the ability to filter prediction results to target assets to align to a selected standard and find content that fits their precise needs.

Are you a learning company looking for an alignment solution? 

Learn more about Academic Benchmarks and the refreshed Elevate Standards Alignment app. 

Want to see the app in action? Watch the video.

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