Choosing The Right LMS: What Leaders Need to Know

The feedback we are getting from our parents after this experience is: We need one LMS. We need one solution. We need people to use it the same way. Now we have felt it, we have lived it, and we have heard it, and I think we are prepared for whatever comes our way in August.”

Denise Lutz
Chief Technology Officer | Upper Arlington City Schools

With remote learning considerations remaining top-of-mind for educators everywhere, we recently hosted a webinar with Denise Lutz, Chief Technology Officer at Upper Arlington City Schools, and Philip Jarosz, Instructional Support Specialist from the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District to discuss their recent transition to Canvas LMS, and how it has helped them establish consistency in their districts.

Our discussion covered many topics that are front and center for any leader who is considering the adoption of a new LMS — from technical support, to SIS integration, and more. One interesting question that received a lot of discussion: what led these leaders to switch to Canvas LMS?

The presenters agreed that in light of recent changes to instruction, both of their institutions needed an LMS they could grow into that would enable their team to integrate all the digital learning tools they love in one, centralized location.

An LMS, once a tool used in the classroom, became the classroom almost overnight, making it more important than ever to ensure you have a reliable platform that will grow with your district, paired with the support you need to accelerate teacher buy-in and inform instructional practice.

Access the on-demand webinar to hear why both of these edu leaders made the decision to switch to Canvas LMS, and what they consider must-haves for a successful implementation.


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