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      Supporting Cloud-Based Instruction With AWS Educate

      Learn how AWS Educate has teamed up with Canvas to support high-quality instruction and prepare students for the growing digital workforce.



      Take Your Classroom to the Cloud

      Mike Bryant, Faculty Community Manager at AWS Educate, and Ryan Lufkin, Higher Education Product Marketing Director at Instructure, will provide helpful tips and strategies about how educators can integrate content from AWS Educate into Canvas and provide student success with AWS services for activities, labs, and projects in the cloud.

      This webinar will answer five key questions educators might have before incorporating cloud-computing skills into their courses:

      • What’s the right pathway for my students to join AWS Educate?
      • How do I get credit for my students to use AWS services?
      • What templates should I select when creating My Classroom?
      • Where do I find content to use in my class?
      • What support does AWS Educate provide for educators and students?

      Tune in to learn more about how educators can leverage AWS Educate to create hands-on learning experiences for students both on and off campus.