Canvas Support

Personalized Know-How & Support

Canvas 24x7 Support Customers can maximize their LMS Investment with our Designated Point of Contact offering. Receive personalized technical administrative support with a dedicated support agent acting as a comprehensive support partner for your instance admins.


Actionable Insights

Personalized recommendations gleaned through the life of your Instructure Partnership.


Inside Access

Utilize Instructure Advocates for technical support & system issues.


Proactive Support

Prevent potential risks with alerts on performance, errors, and limits from a skilled expert.

Designated Point of Contact FAQs

Why Choose Canvas Support Designated Point of Contact?

In the educational technology landscape, expedite issue resolution with a designated point of contact who intimately knows your technical setup. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of briefing different agents on your challenges: your POC is already well-versed, ensuring a seamless and swift resolution process.

In the realm of support efficiency, Canvas Support Designated Point of Contact stands out. By choosing this approach, you're not just gaining support; you're fostering a partnership with an agent who invests time in understanding your unique technical setup. This personalized touch leads to faster issue resolution, as your POC is already acquainted with the intricacies of your environment.

Collaboration: building a relationship with your designated point of contact means having a consistent ally who comprehends your unique challenges. With a POC who becomes familiar with your workflows and previous support interactions, you can navigate our educational technology landscape more smoothly, with a level of collaboration that goes beyond the usual support experience.

Time-savings: Escalation delays can be a major pain point. That's why we empower our agents with the knowledge gained through ongoing relationships. Your designated point of contact is not just an agent; they're your advocate within our support system. By understanding your environment intimately, they can address and resolve issues promptly, minimizing the impact on your educational processes.

Tailored Service: In a world where every minute counts, we recognize the importance of support that aligns with your needs. The Customer Support Designated Point of Contact is our way of making your journey with educational technology a little less daunting and a lot more manageable. Because your challenges deserve solutions that feel personal and empathetic.

Ready to leverage Designated Point of Contact to resolve your technical admin issues?

Current 24x7 support customers can reach out to their CSM and indicate their interest in the Designated Point of Contact offering.

If you don’t have 24x7 support, you must first speak to your CSM about subscribing to that service and then adding the Designated Point of Contact add-on.