Evaluating Your Education Technology for Impact


When it comes time to decide what education technology tools (“edtech”) districts should continue to invest in and support, having access to key data and the ability to analyze it into something meaningful is mission critical, especially when faced with rising costs and smaller budgets


In this webinar, we bring together representatives from two Texas districts to share how they are evaluating strategic edtech implementations to inform instructional, operational and budget decisions. We will discuss how they are answering questions such as:

  • Is an edtech tool being used to the extent we intended when we purchased it?

  • Is usage of a particular edtech tool having the desired impact on student learning?

  • What recommendations can we provide to our school leaders to help them get more value from a specific edtech tool?

  • How can we support better adoption of a particular edtech tool?


  • Dr. Shannon Trimble, Executive Director of Innovation & Digital Learning, Terrell ISD

  • Dr. Jennifer Warford, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Coordinator, Stafford MSD

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