User-centered Innovation: Inside New Quizzes' Updates


Canvas LMS product leader Jody Sailor shares about exciting updates to New Quizzes. 

Video Transcript
Would we instruct a con if we didn't talk about new quizzes? And this year, we entered a new chapter. So I'd like to introduce Jody Saler, who's our product leader for All Things Canvas. So a fun fact about Jody, she's a passionate educator herself, and she has made it her personal mission to put the new back to new quizzes. To make sure it is a fresh, intuitive, and engaging experience that you're all excited about. Thanks, Jetty. I know you ran a panel yesterday with a number of our customers who've already made the switch Can you tell us a bit more about what how that went? Yeah.

That's right, Sharon. I had the awesome opportunity to work with seven of our panelists from different institutions different institutions. All of them in different points in their transition, and the goal really was to help share their successes the challenges that they have faced, how they've overcome those challenges, and then also provide some advice to empower those that are getting ready to embark. That's amazing. Now, I know the first part of this year has been a ton of focus in all the teams dedicated.

I might have had something to do with that. Can you tell us how you've been focusing the teams around new quizzes? Yeah. Absolutely. We have many teams that have rallied together. That's product managers, designers, engineers, and more.

Who really pulled together to accelerate the work with new quizzes. We worked really hard to listen to you, our users, to be sure that we were delivering value across every single user role and to focus on those things that you perceived as the barriers to your migration. I love it. So what are the some of the most anticipated features we released? Tell you what. If you were in the panel yesterday, you heard about the chart talkers of new RCE being available.

Also, you heard about grade by question, download the outcome analysis, API for quiz building access to SpeedGrader. So teachers, you're not having to go to the grade book to try to find where to go, but you can actually do it within your workflow. And also, we have change management materials that we've created and put in our new quizzes hub in the community. Wow. That's so exciting.

So, tell us a bit about what users are gonna get, the work that you're doing, how can users get excited about what's next? Yeah. I think it was Dan from you, Michigan yesterday that said, Hey, we accelerated that work. We didn't stop. And we are not stopping yet. So we're currently working on anonymous grading, the ability to export a quiz, faster access to the item analysis, sub account support, build on last attempt, and also bulk migration, in course copy will be coming in the next few weeks.

Amazing. Amazing. She's so great to see it in the wild and see our customers using it. So tell me, you oversee Canvas. Is new quizzes all you think about? Some days, it feels that way.

But as the director of Canvas, I would be remiss not to share some of the other some things that we've recently released, which include enhanced grade book filters to make grading more efficient, submit on behalf of students, and also the ability bulk publish and unpublished modules, which I know you've been waiting for. Very, very cool. The other thing is with personalized learning, we know that is so time consuming yet it is so critical for us as educators to really be thinking about the individual student. So with that in mind, we've also released course pacing, which allows for setting a pace of your course that then just sets the due dates based on the enrollment of the student. When they start.

So that helps for anyone that's doing rolling enrollment courses. In addition, we've just released the individual paces. So you can really focus on that individual student that might need a different pace than the rest of the class. I love it. Adaptive learning for everyone.

That's great. Absolutely. One other really exciting news. Yeah. Canvas is validated using independent research methodologies in alignment with levels defined by SSA.

So that means Canvas is the only LMS with ESA validation in the K-twelve market. Let me hear that. Did you say the only LMS with this evaluation. I love it. I love it.

I love it. I love that we're seeing so many great strides with new quizzes and everything else that you're leading. And I love that over six and a half million educators have already started taking this journey and finding value in new quizzes. So where can folks learn more? I'm sure someone will know Yeah. Absolutely.

We've got a lot of things to share. So we have two peer sessions, two admin sessions here today that you can all attend for new quizzes specifically. One with Becky for Morton, and another with Tarrant County College District. Also, of course, we have the new quizzes Hub, which will be included in the QR code. So may sure you're checking out all of the updates that we send there.

And, of course, don't forget to go see our solutions engineers and CSMs at the Canvas booth. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Amazing, Jody. Thanks for sharing.

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