A Modern Product Approach for the Whole Learner


Chief Product Officer Shiren Vijiasingam shares Instructure's strategic product approach. 

Video Transcript
I'm gonna share some of these innovations with the help of a lot of the folks from the product organization but I thought I'd start with grounding us in the strategy that drives the work that we do. So let's start. It begins with partnership. Right? I talked a lot about listening to all of you. We want to continue to strengthen and deepen the partnership because we build this product together. It's a product that we want to work with you on that helps your needs.

We've heard a lot about the need for innovation, and we've got a ton to share about how we can create the best in Pategogy and technology in the product that you're using and love. And we wanna bring it all together into the cohesive and structured learning platform that makes it easy to take advantage of all of the things that the products can offer. We talked a lot about partners yesterday, and we want to extend that ecosystem. And most importantly, we center it on the learner because it is about their journey and how we get them to their success outcomes. So I'm gonna talk about our, what we've heard, right? So I mentioned yesterday I went on this world tour, and I told you I got a ton of feedback And some of the things I heard, was all of the things that we need to focus on and prioritize.

We heard hotly requested items support for Spanish language learners, accommodations, time saving bulk actions, a simpler UX, more filtering and reporting a whole bunch of these things. Right? So for over the last year, we've been working steadily and working on each one of these things and knocking them out. We've delivered every one of these things that we put in our roadmap and said we would, but we didn't stop there. Right? Because we had to spend a lot of time thinking about new quizzes and all of the things we did. And so we kept working and delivering all of this functionality around new quizzes.

And we didn't stop there either. We just kept on going with the great ideas that we heard, with the conversations that we had. We've been building a ton of stuff that you're gonna see in a little bit. But it's not enough to just build and deliver features. We need to think about impact.

So since the last instructure con, This product has helped you all create thirty million courses in Canvas. And three point eight billion assignments in those courses. That's billion a hundred and seventy nine million discussions created and, of course, six million studio videos. So real impact innovation fueled by all of you around the globe. These staggering numbers.

But you don't come to instructurecon to hear about the past, right? You wanna hear what's in the present. So I'm gonna be joined today by an all star cast of product folks who have been working really, really closely with a number of you, in partnership in betas. And as they share, you're gonna see how all of this cohesively comes together. And forms the Instructure learning platform. It's our vision of an impactful innovative learning platform built in partnership with you.

And throughout our conversation, you're gonna see a lot of resources that they're gonna share. And so rather than have each person put up QR codes and resources, We're gonna just put one QR code at the end so you all don't get distracted and pulling out your phones and all that. Right? How am I doing on classroom management here? So let's start taking a look at what the present looks like.

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