Mastery Connect's Back to School Updates


Mastery Connect product leader Dana Okerlund shares exciting new updates to Mastery Connect.

Video Transcript
Thanks for having me. You got it. Fun fact, Dana Hart's k twelve, and she used Master Connect in her classroom. I did. Very cool. Can you tell us a little bit about Master Connect for those unfamiliar? Yeah.

For sure. Masterry Connect is a standards aligned assessment management system that gives administrators and teachers real time actionable insights It helps them identify student levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and help teach helps teachers self evaluate their own teaching practices. Very nice. So I'm sure you worked on a lot of great stuff, but some of the most exciting things you've been working on lately. Well, I frequently hear from educators that we need to save them more time in the classroom and we need give them access to bay better data.

And our back to school release does just that, and I've really loved working on it. We have just released three major features that will save teachers time and effort in the classroom. First, classic quiz conversion to mastery assessments, a brand new tracker assessment list and a beautiful assessment creation experience. I love it. Saving teacher's time is music to my ears.

So can you tell us a bit about how we're actually gonna save them time? Yeah. For sure. Let's start with the classic quiz migration to mastery assessments. In the past, educators had to take all of the awesome content they created in classic quizzes, rebuild those items in Master Connect, and then assemble them into an assessment. They no longer have to do that tedious stuff of recreating all of the content, we just migrate the whole classic quiz over to a mastery assessment.

Wow. That's amazing. I know teachers are gonna when they see how easy it is to convert their existing content. But what else can they expect? Oh my goodness. We have also created a new tracker assessment list It is the biggest update to the tracker since two thousand and nine.

Teachers no longer have to search for a particular assessment under a standard. They can easily filter, access the student tracker, view that they know and love, view reports, and assessment info from this brand new view. You sound so excited is. This has gotta be your favorite feature. Right? I love the tracker assessment list.

I'm really excited that it made it in. That's amazing. But I feel like you got a little bit more obviously Oh, we have so much more up our sleeve. Our assessment creation experience is definitely the star of this release. It helps educators build standard aligned assessments and even less time.

Features like inline item authoring Make it really simple for educators to create that content right from the assessment experience. We also have updated filters so you can easily search for the perfect item, especially if you're using the Masterry item bank or Masterry item bank supplemental. We've also introduced draft assessments, which allow teachers to easily create content in phases and on their own time instead of in one sitting. Wow. That sounds like a pretty slick experience.

I like it. So it's been out in the wild. We've been testing with some folks. What are customers saying about it? Yeah. Our product team has spent the last six months partnering with districts across the country to make sure that this experience is what you all need in the classroom.

We've partnered specifically with Hall County, who spends a lot of time creating content for their assessment program in the Mastery Connect item bank. And they are thrilled with the at the addition of the inline item authoring experience. It's saving them a lot of time. And word on Street is is it is absolutely seamless to create a mass reconnect assessment from within your Canvas course. I love it.

I love it. This is really exciting stuff. So how do people find out if they wanna learn more? Oh, yeah. There are a few ways that you can learn more about Mastery Connect this afternoon. I'll be hosting a revolutionizing assess session, where we will go into each of these features in detail, and talk about how our development team creates solutions with educators in mind.

You can also go see my friends, Sonya, and Jamie in the Master Connect booth. I'll stop by there as well, or you can just come talk to me. I'll chat about Master Connect anytime. That's great. Thanks so much, Dana.

It's really cool stuff. There's one more thing. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You remember how Jody shared that Canvas was as a as a verified? Yes.

Well, Mass reconnect is SSA verified as Oh, another SSA verification. I love it. Yeah. So y'all can have confidence in these solutions. You really do heart k twelve.

Don't you? Yes. Thank you, Dana. I appreciate it.

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