The Latest and Greatest in Mastery Connect: Back to School Edition


Back to school is just around the corner, and Mastery Connect has some exciting updates. Assessment continues to play an essential role in the classroom, and Mastery Connect strives to simplify assessment creation. See the updated user experience in action, like the ability to convert Canvas Classic Quizzes to Mastery assessments, a fresh assessment creation experience, a Tracker Assessment list, and more.

Video Transcript
Mastery Connect is the assessment solution designed to identify student levels of understanding, target students for appropriate interventions, and allow teachers to self evaluate the teaching and learning happening in their classroom. Our newest product updates and features have been built to save time and improve the day to day workflows for teachers. Let's take a closer look. With our latest update, we're taking a giant leap forward in integrating MasteryConnect and Canvas LMS. Now, you can migrate Canvas classic wizzes to mastery connect assessments with only a few simple clicks. From a Canvas linked mastery tracker, you can convert classic quizzes to draft assessments in Mastery Connect, and align items on the draft assessment for standard and item level reporting.

Once the assessment is aligned, a corresponding Canvas assignment is automatically created, facilitating easy delivery through Canvas LMS. When it comes to creating assessments, it can be a time intensive exercise. To simplify and streamline the experience, The Mastery Connect assessment creation process has been completely redesigned. The use of smart alignments removes several steps in the setup process, and important metadata can be found at the top of the assessment. When creating an assessment, all available items are accessible in one place.

Rather than having to toggle between item banks to find specific content. Educators can now author items within the assessment creation process. And save assessments as drafts. Finally, predetermined cut scores for assessments have been added. Facilitating common data across a school or district.

To quickly find assessments that have added to a Mastery tracker, a new assessment list tab has been added to show all assessments associated with that tracker, allowing teachers to find, deliver, and view reports directly from the tracker list. Our newest Mastery Connect features are designed to streamline workflows, save teachers time, and provide access to the tools needed to positively impact student outcomes. To learn more about mastery connect features and our other products, visit www. instructure. com/k12.

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