Intentional, Safe, and Equitable: A Look at Instructure's Developing AI Features and Emerging AI Marketplace


Chief Architect Zach Pendleton demos powerful new AI futures coming soon in beta while Elizabeth DiRenzo shares about Instructure's AI customer research, insights, and Emerging AI Marketplace.

Video Transcript
I'd like to focus a bit on where the future card. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What are you doing? Oh, hey, Matt.

Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Cameron, chief legal officer, longtime employee of instructor. It's good to see you, Matt. Thanks. Did I just hear you say the word future as in the future? Yeah. I'm I'm about to talk about the future.

I mean, that's something that these you wanna hear about the future. Right? Yeah. They wanna hear about the future. That's a negative ghost rider. We cannot talk about the future.

That was yesterday with Doctor Jordan. That's forward looking statements. No future today. But is there something we can do, Mac? Because I really have some exciting stuff to share with these folks. Well, I guess if you didn't talk about dates -- Okay.

No dates. -- and we didn't talk about road map. No road map. And we had a really big disclaimer. A disclaimer.

I mean, like, super long. A big one. Okay. And I get to read it. Alright.

I'm in. Let's put the disclaimer up and we'll my goodness. That is a big disclaimer. Okay. Forward looking statements, yada yada yada, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, Resives to Locator.

That's enough. We're good. Alright. Perfect. Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the wall.

Note dates. We're good. We're good. And I'm gonna send you my bill. Send you me the bill.

Of course. Of course, he does. Thank you, Matt. Alright. So I need you to put your imagination hats on here.

Right? Because we we can't talk about the future without AI. There's a ton of innovation that's happening. You've heard us be measured, in how we're thinking about it, but we really want to focus on how do we make the core teaching and learning experience better in the LMS. And so I'd love to invite out Zach, who you met earlier, who also wears a hat where he leads our advanced development team, and I'd love for him to come up and demo some of the cool things that he's been working on we're thinking about in beta. Welcome back, Zach.

Alright. Good to see you all again. So, Zach, is there not too long. How's everyone doing? We okay? Sorry. Yeah.

Sorry. Is there anything cooking in the kitchen that you can show us around all things AI? Yeah. Absolutely. We've got something coming up that we would love to demo and and get your feedback on. So in our AI research, we focused in two areas here, and we really wanna make sure that we save educators time first And then second, that we find ways to use these tools to amplify your voice and extend your ability to impact students even when you can't be around.

And so this feature is in that first category. We wanna talk today about designing canvas content and pages. We know this is something that takes a long time today. And can be really difficult unless you know HTML or you have an instructional designer working with you very closely. Got it.

I love it. Alright. So let's go ahead and and take a look here. Here, I'm inside of a Canvas course. I'm gonna go ahead and start creating a page.

Okay? So I've got my title here. But now I'm going to open my AI layout, tool, and I'm gonna upload some content from a Google doc or a Word doc So here's my content that I have, but now notice that I have this chat on the left. So I can tell that this content looks a little bland. Let's add an image up above it. And I immediately get a placeholder.

Now I can tell it, I actually want this in two columns, and then let's add add some icons, and then let's add a header down the page further. So you can see I'm describing in natural language, something that's being translated into HTML by the AI. And then that ends up in the rich content editor, and now I can use all those same features that I know and love. I can put pineapples where they belong in my course and not on my pizza. Okay.

So cool. Yeah. So cool. Right. And then I can also use things like my d icon generator here.

And you'll notice that as I as I lay this course out, it's starting to look pretty good, pretty professional, and I didn't have to write a single line of code. It took my content, and it took my ideas and it amplified them and made it easier for me to do something that previously was hard to do and time consuming. Alright? So we're very excited about this. I love it. So you're you're saying, let the educator focus on what they do best and let AI help them with all the mundane tasks, like, creating and modifying.

Absolutely. Love it. I'm trying to get something to stick with the marketers. I'm calling it Take back your Saturday night. Who wants to spend you Saturday night doing what you wanted to do? So, Zach, you and Steve talked a lot about the partner ecosystem and how the technology is helping partner.

Are there any partners who are working in cool AI things that you can That's right. We actually do have a lot of partners that we're working with in this space. And to talk about it, I'd love to bring on my, my friend and partner in advanced development, Elizabeth Durren love it. Welcome, Elizabeth. Thank you, Zack.

Thanks, Sharon. Thanks, Zach. Hey, Sharon. So Elizabeth, you've been hearing and talking a lot about all things AI with a number of our customers and educators. Can you tell us what you're hearing? Absolutely.

And what's really exciting is that we were we are going to be publishing a full readout of our research post and structure con, so please keep an eye out for that. There are two key insights that I'm happy to share today, though. The first is that teachers students, administrators are overwhelmingly positive about the potential of AI. The second, surprisingly, over half are yet to have experienced it in the classroom setting. Wow.

That's really interesting. So, Tommy, are we doing anything to help educators dip their toe into the water if they're not getting started. We are. I am thrilled to announce the beta launch of our emerging AI marketplace. We have partnered with AI solution providers globally serving k twelve and higher education who have agreed to our security and privacy commitments in order to bring their AI tools to you in a seamless experience in infrastructure.

I suppose we have time for us to look at any of these, do we? I wish I could show you every one of the partners that we have in our marketplace today, but unfortunately, I think we're short on time. But what I can give you is just a quick sneak preview of what the marketplace will feel like when you come on in. So as you can see, you'll be able to scroll yourself check out all of the products that we have and join the weight loss, wait. Wait list. You know what I'm thinking about? Been a lot of snacks this week y'all.

Join the wait list for the products that are most interesting to you. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing, Elizabeth. Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

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