Instructure and Khan Academy Announce Partnership to Enhance Teaching and Learning With Khanmigo, the AI Tool for Education


Shiren Vijiasingam and Jody Sailor make an exciting announcement about a new partnership sure to make a difference in education everywhere.

Video Transcript
I'm super excited right now to announce for everyone that we have formed a deep partnership relationship between Instructure and Khan Academy. To bring the power of Conmego riding coach to the instructor learning platform. It brings together two leaders in education with a shared mission of elevating the success for every learner So welcome back, Jodi. Can you tell us a bit about what we're doing with Conmigo riding coach? Yeah. Thanks, Sharon. I think I speak for the entire instructions, the instructor team.

When I say how excited we are about this partnership, Khan Academy has been a household name in k twelve for a very long time. But the incredible usage across higher ed is just amazing. In the twenty two twenty three school year alone, thirty eight million users used their higher ed courses, which resulted in one billion minutes of learning. Oh, I didn't realize it's so much higher ed. Absolutely.

I can't wait. I'd like to introduce to you the Conmigo riding coach within the Instructure Learning platform. So I'm gonna show a quick little demo here. And in the first, you're as a teacher, you're setting up a course, an assignment, excuse me, wanting to have your students write an essay, and there are four different options that will be available with the Con Mego Reading Coach, writing Coach. I'm taken after Elizabeth.

Reading goes with writing. It's all good. Reading writing. We're all here. So once the student is back in here then, they have an opportunity to work the Conmigo riding coach to understand the prompt.

If they're not understanding what's being asked of them, they can have some help in understanding. Then when they're ready, they can outline their essay. This is the student actually writing the essay, but can also ask for feedback from the Conmigo coach. Once they have their outline done, they can then move here to drafting. And you'll note that their outline comes in.

So this is a student who has started writing their essay. They're looking at the things that they've outlined, and they can copy and paste them in where it makes sense, and then edit and adjust as they see fit. And when they're ready, they can then ask for feedback from Conmigo and they can either accept the feedback or they can go in and ask for additional help in understanding what that feedback was. So powerful. So powerful.

And I could really see how it's gonna start to level the playing field for every writer. Right? If English is not their first language and they need a little extra support, Thanks so much, Jody. Absolutely. Never met anyone that, you know, never struggled with writing. And we all struggled a little bit with writing.

I could write shorter emails. Thank you, Jody. Thank you.

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