Effective and Efficient Edtech Management: LearnPlatform's Updates


Kristie Lindell, VP of LearnPlatform Product Management joins the stage to share impressive data on edtech tool usage and updates to LearnPlatform by Instructure.

Video Transcript
Thank you so much, Sharon. Don't know much about learn platform. Maybe you could do a little bit of a brief introduction for us. Absolutely. So learn platform was launched to provide equitable access for all learners to the teaching and technology that works best for them. So no, no matter what industry you're in, all of us all day every day, are using more technology than ever before, but especially in education, it is so critical, that they have the tools to be able to not just have a central repository and, of what's approved for use, but to also manage, all of those tools effectively and efficiently.

So with over eleven thousand edtech tools, learn platform enables those, administrators, all of you, to be able to manage that ed tech, but also to track usage and put all of the data in one place. So data like accessibility, interoperability, data privacy, also the research in the evidence base and the efficacy of tools, that just enables good decision making. And so what makes us unique is we're research first. And what that means is we're equipping district administrators to run more rapid cycle evaluations and ed tech companies to build evidence aligned to four levels required by the Every Student succeeds Act than anyone else in the industry. Got it.

That makes a ton of sense. So speaking of EdTech Sprow, Sharon. Yeah. Can you guess how many tools on average school districts were using last year? I feel like it's gotta be a pretty big number with, like, five hundred or something. Yeah.

Well, if you can believe it, it was actually almost twenty six hundred. Oh my goodness. And you might have actually heard that a couple times during this conference, but we can't quite believe it. At learn platform, we have been, measuring, these numbers for the last six years. And we know that technology is here to stay, and we know that, teaching and learning is now tech enabled.

So having all those tales in one place is not only important in those K twelve districts, but also in higher institutions around the globe. That's wonderful. Making sense of this sprawl sounds great. How is that gonna drive decision making, though? Right. So we're super excited, and we know that it's critical to be able to share understanding of what's working.

So we're excited that we just launched, a couple of weeks ago, the new evidence page and learn platform. And so what it includes is, research studies, the results of those research studies, alignment to the Every Student succeed act, other research artifacts like case studies and others, so you can really have a good solid understanding of what that product is intended for and how it's working. And it really enables the districts to be able to use that of that that in their decision making, but also to build better better products, stronger implementations, and better teaching and learning for everybody. It's hard to argue with that, right? So we've heard a lot about the Instructure Learning platform. How does the Instructure Learning platform in this ecosystem of providers you're working with come together? Well, we all know with Canvas that, we have ed tech providers who have been building and integrating their tools, for years.

We have four times more partners that have built tools on the Canvas ecosystem, than anyone else in the industry. And so we know that it's a, we know that all of you want your teaching and learning to be centralized in the LMS. So having access to all those tools is absolutely critical. And so that pairs so nicely with Learn platform that, allows, administrators to be able to track those tools, both inside the LMS and outside. So it's just natural fit, and it's seamlessly embedded into the Instructure Learning platform.

That's great. Sounds like a compelling expansion to the platform. So what's next? Well, I'm really excited about a couple of things. So for our k twelve, Canvas users out there, we're really excited to launch, and and off to all of you, the, learn platform inventory dashboard. And so that's gonna be available to all of you free of charge to start tracking the usage of your tools both inside and outside of your LMS.

That's great. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. Woo.

But but what about higher ed though? Don't they have the same needs in higher ed? Yeah. I mean, I sat in a session yesterday. Christopher from the University of Michigan was just talking about how do I vet and manage all these it was standing remotely, so clearly it's a need for higher ed as well. So we're really excited to extend learn platform into higher ed in the coming year. And we need a couple of people who are probably already doing this and looking for more efficient ways and tools to help us learn and make sure that the the product is built for your needs and purpose built.

So we're looking for a couple of early pilots and early partners to help us just gauge the work. And so come see us, and we have, people to talk to you about how to make that happen. I love it. And you said something about partners too. Right? Absolutely.

It all works together. So for our partners, we are working to have a unified offering the best support tools and services and products to support their work and so that we can you teaching or delivering all those great tools in Canvas and really just, making teaching and learning the best that it can be. I love it. Thanks so much, Christy. Alright. Thank you.