All Things Analytics: Canvas Data 2, Admin Analytics + A Look Into the AI Future


Analytics leader Carly Curran dives into exciting analytics updates, including an AI demo.

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So, Carly, tell me why we should all nerd out on data the same way you do. Okay. Yeah. Well, keep it. How did you decide what to pack for this trip? I guess I looked at the weather. Yeah.

Okay. What about, who you're gonna let pick you up from the airport? I guess I looked in the app to figure out how long it was gonna get me to take. Your Uber driver's writing? Yeah. Yeah. That's right.

You know, it's fundamental day to day distance. Alright. I get it. I get it. Very cool.

So tell us about, the analytics that form what I think is the lifeblood of a learning right? It's critical. It's something I keep hearing in a lot of our customer conversations. It's so critical to the learning. And so it should be something you get for free, right, in the platform. Yeah.

I mean, you all know, I agree with that. Data is super critical for decision making, whether it's the small day to day What am I gonna pack for this trip type of decision or these large institutional decisions that you're making? You know, you've gotta have data to plan to know your context, to know where you're trying to go, to know if you're close to getting there. Right? And you've been telling us this. You've been saying, we want more data. We want more data in Canvas, and that's why we built admin analytics.

That's why it's part of core Canvas. You said, hey, we wanna know how canvas is being used at our institution. Right? We wanna know how courses are built, so not just the breadth of Canvas usage, but the depth of Canvas usage. And you wanted to know how students were performing across their courses. So with admin analytics, you get a view into all of those big questions via data visualizations and then the ability to drill down into that data.

Love it. So how are customers responding to it? Yeah. Well, that's the fun part for me. It's been fun to talk to a bunch of y'all here. But, you know, from customers, like our friends at CSU Chico to global customers, like the college.

Yeah. Alright. The college of micronesia comes to mind. They're doing something similar. Right? Administrators are able to track adoption and help faculty get on board with Canvas, build those courses well, and ultimately give students that consistent experience across the institution.

I love it. Any k twelve customers in there? Of course. Yeah. Bartolomeu is a great example. I don't know if y'all are here, but they're using the student data and admin analytics to bring academic coaches alongside students and make sure that if their grades are dropping or they're not participating in their courses, that they can help support them and get them back up to speed.

Wow. I love it. So it sounds like folks are really excited. It feels like a big step forward in our analytics strategy. Right? So I'd love to hear how folks can think about getting started with it and what's next.

Yeah. Easy to get started. This is a feature option in your instance. You can turn it on. You can also try this in your beta environment, if if that sounds better.

Something I'm really excited that's coming this quarter that many of you have asked for is a single permission for admin analytics. So I know that those of you who wanna be really specific about which subaccount admins get access to this data, have asked for that, and so you're gonna get. That's really great. I love it. Such powerful analytics.

And it's included by default in Canvas, so I can totally get behind that. I mean, I know there's a lot of excitement about Canvas data too as well. You all have heard of Canvas data too? Yes? Yeah. Users, Canvas data too in here? We had some good conversations about this last night. So, Canvas data too is our, you know, service for giving you streamlined access to your raw data.

And, you know, we've had long time customers say, hey, Canvas data is unwieldy. It's large. It takes a really long time to update, and it's kind of old when we update it. So with Canvas data two, which is out now, you can get updates incrementally. And this data is all fresher than four hours.

So huge, huge update, really excited for that team in us. I love it. It's so exciting seeing this come to life and and hearing from customers, right, who are actually using it. And data access is so critical to inform decisions. How do we think about what's next, right, for the platform? What can we expect? The strategy.

Yeah. So as excited as all of you are about Canvas data too in that four hour or less latency, our internal teams are equally as excited. Right? So that's gonna lay the foundation for our data access pipeline, and we're gonna be able to build you faster, fresher insights, and we're also gonna be able to bring in data from across the Instructure Learning platform. So lots of good stuff coming. That's so exciting.

Is there anything you can maybe show us now? Yeah. So I'm so excited to get to share this preview. Of some of the work we're doing with AI and advanced analytics. And let's take a look. But this is gonna give you the opportunity to do something really amazing.

A couple of you have asked me about, what if you had the power to ask natural language questions of your dataset. Right? So you could then see, right, textual, responses to your question alongside the data and then save the results of those questions. Share them. Right? Here, we're gonna ask what percentage of our courses are published across the account. We're gonna see we've got about, you know, fifty seven percent average.

So hopefully, this is before the before the derm starts. And then you know, we're gonna see McKinley's ahead. Right? Maybe you wanna save this, go talk to those folks. But I I'm just so excited about the opportunity this presents to save you time and also allow you to customize your analytics as much as you want. That's so cool.

And saving educators time, that's AI I can really get behind. Yeah. Yeah. So I know data and analytics. Every time I've been out in the field, this is such a super hot topic.

How can folks learn more? Yeah. So Kevin Turco and I are gonna talk about Canvas data two and admin analytics in more depth at five fifteen. So we'll be the only thing standing between you and dinner. And tomorrow morning, we're gonna talk a little more about some of the insights we're working on at the in the lab session. That's so cool.

Thanks so much for sharing all these exciting updates. Yeah. Thanks.

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