Instructure wins 2024 1EdTech Power Learner Potential Award; Two Instructure Employees Win Leadership Awards at the Learning Impact Conference


At Instructure, we recognize the importance of working together as a community to solve big problems. That’s why we value collaboration within the industry and advocate for open standards. We’re honored and thrilled to announce a few awards for recognizing Instructure for these efforts at 1EdTech’s annual Learning Impact Conference in Salt Lake City. Instructure was recognized as a 1EdTech Power Learner Potential Award recipient. This award celebrates organizations and their efforts in advancing an open, innovative, and trusted edtech ecosystem that benefits everyone.

In addition, two outstanding Instructure employees were recognized with 1EdTech Leadership Awards. These professionals have shown leadership in the implementation of certified standard specifications that have an impact in the quality and effectiveness of education environments. They help build better education environments and contribute significantly to developing and supporting the implementation of open standards. 

Daisy Bennett

Daisy Bennett, Instructure’s Associate General Counsel and Data Protection Officer, was awarded for her work in the TrustEd Apps Program. Daisy has shown outstanding leadership in her work on the TrustEd Apps Program. Daisy also worked on the development and adoption of the Accessibility and Security Practices rubrics. She drove collaboration on both task forces, ensuring that Instructure was the first Early Adopter of both rubrics. She also promoted the rubrics at several 1EdTech events and other industry events. Daisy has also been a leader in the Open Data Privacy and Security Agreement (DPSA) Task Force, providing a base template document to begin the development of the Open DPSA template and helping to drive the work. 

Ryan Lufkin

Ryan Lufkin, Instructure’s VP of Global Academic Strategy, was recognized for his contributions to the TrustEd Apps Program. Ryan showed valuable leadership in the TrustEd Apps Program, collaborating with a group of cross-industry experts in the development of the Generative AI Data Rubric. He also contributed asynchronously with a wide range of industry experts, helping to drive and complete this rubric. This rubric was developed to provide a foundation for the ethical, productive, and safe use of Gen-AI data in the field of education. 

1EdTech Leadership Awards Presentation at Learning Impact 2024. The awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 in Salt Lake City.

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