Instructure’s Elevate Earns Ed-Fi Rebadging, Validating its Commitment to Secure, Connected Data for Schools

Elevate securely provides K-12 institutions with real-time data 

SALT LAKE CITY — August 10, 2022 — Instructure, the maker of Canvas, today announced it has earned a renewed Ed-Fi Managed Operational Data Store and API Platform Badge for Elevate K-12 Analytics and the Ed-Fi API Provider Badge for Elevate Standards Alignment (formerly Academic Benchmarks), both for another two years. The distinction validates Instructure as an ongoing, trusted Ed-Fi Operational Data Store, Analytics provider and API partner.

Instructure’s renewed badges reaffirm the ongoing contributions the SaaS platform is making as part of the collaborative Ed-Fi Community, which advocates for the effective use of data at scale in education agencies of all sizes through a data standard. Because Instructure’s Elevate products leverage the Ed-Fi standard and technology suite, any state or local education agency can more effectively leverage their own data to support administrators, educators, students and parents. Districts have hundreds of applications in use and typically this data remains siloed and unused. By seamlessly and securely bringing these data sources together through a data standard; administrators, educators and parents can more clearly see important data in real-time to support student success. 

Ed-Fi Alliance, the nonprofit that helps shape the tools, data practices and security standards for educational data interoperability in the country, has renewed for two more years the ODS / API Platform Badge for Elevate K-12 Analytics, Instructure's analytics application for teachers, administrators and districts that turns data into insights to improve education outcomes. In addition, Instructure continues to hold Ed-Fi Starter Kit Implementation Partner badges for Elevate-K12 Analytics; and for the API Provider Badge for Elevate Standards Alignment (formerly Academic Benchmarks), the alignment and content-tagging solution for learning companies. These badges demonstrate Instructure’s continued commitment to openness and interoperability with the products that comprise the Instructure Learning Platform.

“With an overload of data that comes from various sources, schools and districts need to understand how technologies work together,” said Roshan Popal, Chief Information Officer at Instructure. “Our partnership with the Ed-Fi Alliance allows us to ensure educators access the right data in a secure and flexible way that empowers them to make decisions that help educators improve outcomes for all students, without the investment required to build and maintain a custom data warehouse.”

Elevate K-12 Analytics combines key data from disparate sources and systems including student information systems, multiple assessment platforms and Canvas LMS to help educators understand what is affecting student success—from attendance to engagement to socio-economic indicators, and offers dashboards, charts, and other visual indicators that are easy to explore, filter, and drill into, so educators of all skill levels can see, analyze, and understand data.

“School districts throughout the nation struggle to fully understand and address their most pressing challenges without secure, reliable and real-time data. Solving big challenges such as student equity, chronic absenteeism and college and career readiness are central to the mission of the Ed-Fi Alliance Community,” said Sean Casey, manager of strategic partnerships, Ed-Fi Alliance. “Importantly, no one in education can solve these huge complicated problems alone. Strong partnerships with companies like Instructure are key: they have put in the work to demonstrate their commitment to data standards, to interoperability and to providing solutions that help their customers get the most out of their technology investment. We are proud to partner with Instructure and we congratulate them on the renewal of these badged solution offerings that can provide great value to members of the Ed-Fi community. 

Instructure has been a longtime member of the Ed-Fi Community and supporter of the movement to push for interoperability and data standards. The Elevate Standards Alignment (formerly Academic Benchmarks) solution has been Ed-Fi certified since 2018, and Mastery Connect was the very first assessment management system to become Ed-Fi certified in 2019. Elevate K-12 Analytics, powered by Ed-Fi technologies has been awarded the Managed ODS/API Platform Badge, and was the first product to earn Ed-Fi’s badge—the Starter Kit Implementation Partner Badge in 2021— that applies to three distinct use cases: "Addressing Chronic Absenteeism," "Harnessing the Power of Assessment Data," and "Ensuring Equitable Access for Students."


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