Elevate Data Sync

Connecting the Systems That Empower Education

Elevate Data Sync is an interoperability solution that allows institutions and learning companies to share learning data between applications and solve complex integration challenges simply and at scale.

Reduce Your Data Integration Burden

Taking the Pain Out of SIS Integrations

Make painful data integrations a thing of the past and unlock the educational benefits of standards-based data interoperability with Elevate Data Sync.
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This partnership helps connect teachers with tools they frequently use, which will save them time and reduce errors. By integrating with Kimono [now Elevate Data Sync], we are ensuring that teachers spend more time teaching, which furthers our mission of transforming K12 education.

Barry Brahier, Ph.D.

Chief Product Officer – Teaching & Learning, Infinite Campus

Built specifically for education, Data Sync enables secure sharing of student, staff, and learning data.

Integrate with Any SIS in the Market

Elevate Data Sync supports a growing number of industry-standard data models and protocols, such as OneRoster, LIS, SIF, APIs, and CSV, and utilizes the preferred integration method for each SIS and application, so you can synchronize student, staff, and learning data with a single solution.

Share Outcomes Back to the SIS

Beause Elevate Data Sync supports bi-directional data, it can share learning data back to the SIS – keeping gradebooks synced and cutting in half the time teachers spend entering grades.

Reduce Development & Support Burden

By consolidating SIS integrations with Elevate Data Sync, partners can focus more on their core products, rather than building and managing dozens of point-to-point integrations.

Solve Complex Integration Challenges

Powerful mapping tools allow you to transform data as it moves between applications and create customizations that are not possible with other solutions.

Ensure Secure Access at Scale

Elevate Data Sync processes data in parallel while transforming it, which creates a highly scalable solution to securely share learning data and ensure students and teachers always have access to the applications they need while keeping their information safe.

Streamline Support

Making SIS Support Efficient

Decrease the volume of integration-related support calls during the busiest times of the school year and provide support teams with access to centralized diagnostics and better visibility into issues.

Connect with any SIS

Decrease support burden

Simplify application integration

Centralize monitoring & troubleshooting

Map & transform data for each institution

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Grade Passback

Save School Districts Time and Money

Elevate Data Sync’s grade passback means less work for teachers, faster grades for students, and a higher ROI for districts.

It saves me a lot of time entering in grades twice, especially at the end of the trimester when lots of late work is turned in.

Tamara Harvey

11th grade teacher, Utah

Interoperability, Expertly Simplified

Elevate Data Sync for Partners

Make it easy for customers to share roster, course, and grades data with your application. Data Sync continuously exchanges data between the SIS and your application over a publish and subscribe architecture that supports a growing number of industry-standard data models, infrastructures, and APIs. Choose the data model and integration method that works best for your app, and connect to any SIS.

Elevate Data Sync for Developers

Elevate Data Sync connects with every SIS and enables schools to share roster, course, and grades data between applications. We are designing solutions for kindred developers who want to provide better integrations for their users.

Elevate Data Sync for Google Classroom

Google Workspace for Education Plus users in select countries can utilize Data Sync to import class rosters from their SIS into Google Classroom. Classes will automatically be created in Classroom for teachers and students based on the SIS data.

Ready to elevate your integrations to a more scalable and flexible solution?