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Canvas LMS is the open, extensible virtual learning platform that amplifies everyone’s awesomeness.

Stay ahead of the learning curve with Canvas LMS.

Deliver dynamic, engaging learning experiences. For every student. Everywhere. Every day. Canvas LMS is a robust digital foundation for all aspects of higher-ed learning.

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Participants began to benefit from using Canvas immediately. Course material is significantly more interactive and collaboration is much better. The benefits are clear and extensive: Canvas enables more flexible and engaging learning and helps enhance and support teaching.

—Adina Dorthe

Digital Learning Manager, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Welcome to next-level curriculum and instruction.

Everything in One Place

Engaging course content. Quizzes and grades. Data and insights. Student interaction with educators and peers. All right there in the Canvas LMS. Ready to support in-person, online, and blended learning.

Total Accessibility

Student expectations have changed. You need an LMS that can deliver learning that meets students where they are right now. The Canvas LMS ensures that both students and instructors have access to everything they need in one place.

Interactive Analytics

Data can be daunting. Canvas Admin Analytics makes it easy to view Canvas usage, and allows administrators to see and understand the data that matters most to them.

Instant Content Delivery

Quickly upload and share course information in an array of captivating ways. And use Blueprints to push curriculum throughout your institution.

Mobile Learning

Canvas LMS delivers industry-leading mobile applications combined with full-featured responsive design for unmatched accessibility and assurance that your institution can reach every learner.

Increased Productivity

There’s only one you. Spend your time on teaching and learning. And let the Canvas LMS handle the administrative stuff.


Higher education tools that play nicely with others.

Rubrics. Modules. Calendars. Schedules. Quizzes. Syllabi. Analytics. SpeedGrader! (Cue angels singing.) Canvas has so many whizz-bang features that will add pizzazz to your courses. And don’t even get us started about the integrations. The Canvas API buddies right up with tools like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe, and hundreds of other technology partners to deliver one centralised learning hub.

Canvas represents an important development in improving the student experience here at Sussex, providing valuable new tools for our academics and supporting students in an impressive digital environment.

—Stephen Shute

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Planning and Resources, University of Sussex

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Mobile Apps

You get an app. And you get an app. And you get an app.

Canvas LMS has top-rated mobile apps for both teachers and students that give everyone access to just what they need on the go. Teachers can engage with students whenever and wherever through native mobile notifications and Canvas apps that boast best-in-class data security and accessibility—not to mention SpeedGrader, which can cut grading time by 50%.

Take Canvas anywhere

Grade on the go

Stay connected to students


Collaborative Tools

Dialogue, discussion, and discourse. For the digital age.

Teachers can communicate with individual students, groups, or the entire class through messaging, audio notes, video, and more. And students can collaborate amongst themselves via chat group, video, and other messaging tools.

We were looking for a robust system which would be less intensive to manage and offered us more reliability—Canvas delivered this in spades.

— Deborah Millar

Group Director of Digital Learning Technologies at Grimsby Institute Group

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All the functionality you need. None you don’t.

Undivided Attention

Enrich lessons with video and audio and even keep up face-to-face interactions from inside the Canvas LMS.

99.9% Uptime

Everybody needs a little downtime. But not because your learning management platform crashed. Canvas LMS keeps your educational ecosystem going strong.

Go, SpeedGrader

Provide targeted feedback with annotations. Use rubrics for scoring. Share comments via video. Add grades to the gradebook and quickly create powerful, actionable reports about student progress.

Unlimited File Size

The only limit is your imagination. Pile on as much audio, visuals, and video as you’d like to enrich students’ learning experiences.

Insights Aplenty

Course analytics serve up data that can help you increase student engagement by offering insights on how students are interacting with course materials.

Cloud-Based (and Born)

That means no downtime due to updates. You simply log in for instant connection from anywhere, anytime—on just about any computer or smart handheld device.

Explore the Entire Canvas Product Family

Simplify teaching and learning activities, organize coursework and keep teachers, students, and families connected and communicating. Anytime, anywhere.

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