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Stories of Change: Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College in Alberta, Canada began as a place for people to access quality post-secondary education. The college is also a member of the Alberta Rural Development Network, dedicated to helping rural communities grow through research and learning. Technology plays a major role in the educational mission of Lethbridge. Kyle Snowdon, the library and digital learning manager at the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, explains, “Our LMS (learning management system) usage is very high. Our programming is innovative, and our instructors focus heavily on delivering quality curriculum through the LMS.”

Lethbridge wanted to find a new LMS that was more compatible to the needs of the institution, was easy to learn and more reliable. They also wanted to find a new system that had adequate functionality and support for mobile. Administrators evaluated the Canvas Learning Management Platform and found it met those needs and much more.

“As a Canadian institution, we were apprehensive about moving to a cloud-based learning management system. Acknowledging our concerns, the Canvas team provided the necessary documentation for our review and addressed all of our questions.”

—Andy Benoit, Educational Development Specialist

In 2014, Lethbridge College became the first college in Alberta and one of the first in Canada to choose Canvas. Since its adoption of Canvas, Lethbridge College has seen both immediate and gradual benefits of what it calls a “21st-century LMS that is constantly looking to improve and innovate.”

Read the full case study to find out why 89% of faculty members said they were satisfied with their Canvas experience and the reliability of Canvas.