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Our Commitment to Privacy

At Instructure, we're committed to protecting the information we receive by ensuring it's used only to support students, institutions, and education. We're guided by five key principles: transparency, accountability, integrity, security, and confidentiality. This page provides links to frequently asked questions about our privacy practices. To quickly skip to our detailed privacy policy for users of our products, jump here.

How We Uphold Our Promise

Students & Parents

Get answers to common questions you might have about our privacy practices within Canvas.

Student Privacy Pledge

As part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of students, educators and institutions, we have signed the Student Privacy Pledge.

Institutions & Educators

Get answers to all your data use, access, and privacy practice questions.

Web Visitors & Marketing

We promote privacy standards not just for the use of our products, but when you visit our website, like you are right now. Check out the privacy policy that applies to visitors of our websites.

Security & Canvas

Canvas has open security. And no, that’s not any oxymoron. It's more like oxygenius.

Privacy Resources 

Interested in learning more about privacy? We’ve gathered together a full list of global resources.