The Value of a Third-Party Research Partner: Irina Fine, Bamboo Learning


Many edtech providers conduct and market internal research, but this can raise concerns for district leaders about validity and quality. Hear from Irina Fine, CEO at Bamboo Learning, about why her organization chose to partner with LearnPlatform by Instructure's Evidence-as-a-Service team to ensure they had rigorous, objective, and ESSA-aligned research that resonates with K-12 leaders.

Video Transcript
Every ed tech company should want to back up their claims, not just with the marketing research, which is very typical in this area, you know, everybody conducts their own internal research and then publishes the numbers. And that's not really true scientific research. So getting that research and bringing in formative and, you know, summative assessments which learn platform did in our case and building helping paint the picture that is truly scientific and is product really effective. I think it helps schools and school leaders, district leaders. They trust the product that has ASSA certification. Because that's kind of the research that they are used to seeing.