Using ESSA to Build a Holistic Evidence Base: Sunil Gunderia, Age of Learning


The ESSA Evidence Framework is designed to demonstrate edtech effectiveness in different contexts and provide a common language for K12 educators to understand research. Hear from Sunil Gunderia, Chief Innovation Officer at Age of Learning, about why they partner with LearnPlatform by Instructure's Evidence-as-a-Service team to build a comprehensive portfolio of research.

Video Transcript
What Essa allows us to have is a common framework of understanding in terms of of the research that was conducted did and to create a a portfolio of research. And that's been really important to us because we wanted to show our product were not only effective in one circumstance, but that they worked, and we had evidence, an ASSA level evidence. That they worked in in urban settings, in rural settings, in Title One, etcetera. And having badges across the the different work we've done with different districts is really powerful.