A step-by-step video guide to getting started with Teams in Canvas

Video Transcript
Hi everyone my name is Jonathan and I'm a member of the sales team here at Canvas today really excited to show you a brand new integration that we've been working on through our partnership with Microsoft. It's the integration of Microsoft teams meetings inside of canvas and it's super easy to bring right into your canvas experience. So here today as a teacher as I'm logged in as I click on my kids science course that I teach it's really easy for me to add a Microsoft team meeting to an announcement. By clicking on announcements and creating a new announcement I can give it a title. Provide details. And once I've turned on the Microsoft team's meeting LTI it's going to pop up into our list of third party tools right here.

I've already logged in to Microsoft team meetings but you'll have to do that once but once you've done it you won't have to log in again. Click on Create Meeting Meeting Link. Give it a title here I can provide a date and a time. Once I click create that link has been now embedded inside of my announcement. A great option when I'm creating an announcement as we all know is canvas users as I can delay the posting.

So if I'm if I'd like to run this Microsoft team meeting tomorrow. At 9 a. m. I'm using canvasses to facilitate that schedule. I can also leverage the calendar to post a Microsoft team meeting.

I'll choose the date in which I want to run the team meeting here will do on the 18th. Double click. Give the title a name. Since we're going to be using Microsoft teams I like to use that in the title. And select the course that I want my students to see.

This link on their respective calendars. Remember the events are going to populate on my students counts on my students calendar. So if I set different times and dates for different sections as they log in. That's when they will see it on their to do list or on their calendar. So I can use different dates for each select for each section.

I can duplicate so having to run these meetings every Monday morning for the next four weeks. I can do that really easily across all of my periods. And it's the same exact process. So fill in details here. Here's my dropdown menu Microsoft teams meetings.

Right. I've already log in create my meeting link give it a title date time create and I'm done. That's it. Anywhere you see the rich content editor is where you can place a Microsoft Microsoft teams meeting linked by again just clicking the dropdown menu selecting Microsoft teams meeting and embedding it right inside of the details. So I can do that with discussions pages assignments etc.

. If I were to flip the script and show you from the view of a student. I'm going to click refresh because we have a brand new an announcement in my physical science course right that we just created that there is a Microsoft team meeting. Here's my announcement for my teacher. One click and I'm brought to the Microsoft team's meeting landing page. Again I've already have log in so I don't have to worry about reblogging in multiple times your student will only have to have to UTIs once.