The Right Research Partner for a Start-Up: Irina Fina, Bamboo Learning


Start-up edtech companies face unique challenges in taking their promising ideas to impactful realities. Hear from Irina Fine, CEO at Bamboo Learning, about why they chose to partner with LearnPlatform by Instructure's Evidence-as-a-Service team to ensure their solution was research-based from the beginning, starting with an ESSA-aligned logic model and building their evidence base from there.

Video Transcript
When we evaluated third party research organizations, we were looking for a partner who under stands the specifics of early stage startups, and learn platform met and exceeded all of our expectations. A loan platform collaborated with us on evaluating product effectiveness from the very beginning. Helped us build a theory of change, which we then presented to potential customers and continued working with us adapting to our needs and working with us as we were developing our research base and evidence.