Latest Updates with Canvas New Quizzes


Canvas New Quizzes has introduced powerful updates for better assessment experiences—and we're continually adding more features for when you're ready to transition to New Quizzes. See the updated user experience in action, including migrating classic quiz question banks, improved item bank sharing, better outcome analysis download capability for student performance visibility, and an intuitive quiz creation interface.

To learn more, visit and join the New Quizzes hub in the Instructure Community.

Video Transcript
Canvas's new quizzes has released many powerful updates to make assessments more impact full and engaging. First, if you have a classic quiz with items from a question bank, you can bring those banks over into new quizzes. Migrate your classic quizzes in your course, and your banked questions will be added to an item bank and new quizzes to edit, share, align outcomes, and more. Additionally, when creating an item bank, instructors now have the default option to share that bank directly with the course to ensure availability. Instructors gain even better visibility into student performance by aligning course level or account level outcomes for individual items or the entire quiz. Preation of a new quiz just got easier with the addition of the content editor available throughout Canvas.

Upload media recordings, record directly into the RCE, Add third party tools like YouTube, or leverage the equation editor to add more engaging content to your quizzes. You want to simply create a practice quiz that does not count toward a grade, teachers now have the option to exclude the quiz from the grade cleaning up the grade book and experience for educators. New quizzes has brought a fresh quizzing experience for students. Beginning with a clean, faux interface, and the ability to pin questions for review. Recent updates have made quizzing even easier with options such as clearing multiple choice questions.

New quizzes now allows for drag and drop on fill in the blank items that include a word bank to use with other enhanced item type such as hotspot and more. Once a student has submitted their work, teachers can now more efficiently access the with SpeedGrader from various pages. Further, new quizzes now allows instructors to easily and intuitively grade by question, saving time for educators. Lastly, dig into student performance on your outcomes aligned quizzes, with the added ability to export the as a CSV, giving a more comprehensive view of student performance. Learn more about what's new and what's coming at road map dot instructure dot com. And be sure to join the new quizzes hub in the Canvas community.

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