How EdTech Providers are Leading with Evidence: Partnering with LearnPlatform


Education leaders expect edtech vendors to have evidence that their products work - and in U.S. K-12 organizations, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires it. Hear from LearnPlatform Evidence-as-a-Service partners about why they chose to engage in evidence work, their experience with our expert research team, and how evidence is transforming partnerships with their education customers.

Video Transcript
By bringing a third party to look at impact and evidence, it not only helps the school district get the evidence and support that they need to make further decisions, but it helps us learn in how we can better serve our districts. We needed a way to translate all of the work that we've been doing, the efficacy that we had seen in our product, the learning science that behind what we do into a language that made sense for public sector buyers, you know, for curriculum directors, superintendents, principles, etcetera. It was very important for us to align with, every student seeds act requirements because our intention, our goal was to build a product that is effective for all students regardless of socioeconomic and ethnic background. What ESA allows us to have is a common framework of understanding in terms of of the research that was conducted and to create a a a portfolio of research. Things have evolved over the last year and a half off We're seeing RFPs requiring a minimum of SL Level three certification, and it's really helpful for us to be able to demonstrate that Bamboo Learning, is certified and has the evidence to back up our claim that the product is effective. It's been incredibly helpful for our sales team.

We sell directly into school districts. They're interested to know we have the same values, and we care a lot about equity. You know, we've really enjoyed working with a team at Learn Platform as they they they're not just a vendor. We feel like they're a are part of our research and efficacy efforts. We have internally a pretty strong point of view in terms of where we think we can have an impact, and we were really looking for someone that would challenge us and provide additional sort of expertise. We really think this is a three way partnership between getting quality insight from a organization like Learn Platform, working with districts to make the right decisions on how we can help them. And then for us to continue to learn how we can refine and and better serve the needs of educators and students.