Differentiating EdTech Solutions with Evidence: Dana Bryson, Study.com


The edtech market is crowded--a strong evidence base can help providers stand out. Hear from Dana Bryson, Sr. VP of Social Impact at Study.com about how the work they've engaged in with LearnPlatform by Instructure's Evidence-as-a-Service team has served not only as a Sales and Marketing tool, but as a way to build deep rapport with their district partners.

Video Transcript
It's been incredibly helpful for our sales team. We sell directly into school districts. And we use it both in our marketing materials in our discussions with district administrator and curriculum directors, they're interested to know about our logic model or that we're as a level four certified. But I think more importantly, they're interested to know we have the same values, that we know that we're gonna be asking, you know, selling a product that is to serve all learners, and we care a lot about equity.