Alabama Community College System Creates Unified Learning Experience with Canvas LMS


In an effort to unify its learning experience and increase student success, the Alabama Community College System (ACCS) chose to implement the Instructure Learning Platform statewide. By adopting Canvas learning management system (LMS), Canvas Studio, Impact by Instructure and Canvas Credentials, educators at 24 community and technical colleges within ACCS can facilitate learning and address challenges in a more effective, efficient manner.

Watch the video to learn how ACCS is simplifying teaching and learning for students and educators throughout Alabama. 

Video Transcript
Through the Alabama Community College System, what's important to us is really meeting the needs of business and industry across our state and how we engage students to be lifetime learners. We always have to be looking at how do we continue to upscale those workers so that they can continue to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. We want to provide the students with the best experience they can have regardless of what that is, but we also can't support nineteen different platforms at the same time. So finding one that does everything we need is important to us. We had colleges that weren't on Instructure, and so it was really difficult for us to find a way to deploy those courses, in either platform. And so it was important to us to figure out a way how we have one standardized system, that can be statewide.

I think with Instructure, what we get that sets them separate from other vendors or tech products or tech companies is you get the full spectrum of things that they have to offer, that they bring to the table as resources, whereas you might have to find two or three vendors to fill that niche. So Instructure has been huge for us as a single source partner to accomplish a lot of objectives. I think our with Alabama Community College System is, an example of what we hope to achieve with all of our clients. We're not just viewed as a software solution. We're viewed as a trusted advisor or partner.

It's really developed into, a marriage of sorts where we're able to bring the best of both parts to the table, and build and create something that's incredibly impactful. We have two core projects that we've been moving forward the last year and a half. One is a ACCS Innovation Center, and that is a rapid skills based training program. The courses could be anywhere from two weeks long to six weeks long, and they award a credential or certificate when it's complete. What we're looking for is that worker or that person who's interested in a job who knows they need the training, how do we connect them with the training that business and industry is telling us they had the jobs for and also business and industry tell us what needs to be in the training.

How do we build that and then connect those individuals? What this does for ACCS in the state of Alabama is it gives, folks some visibility into what jobs or opportunities currently exist and how far along those folks are into attainment of the competency to fulfill those employment opportunities. And then ACCS is able to quickly and effectively deliver courses with credentials they can take with them forever. We are developing courses for Alabamians. That's what we say. These are Alabama jobs for Alabama citizens.

So we're building courses that are accessible to all individuals. What we're really looking forward to in the state of Alabama is just helping our students be more successful, helping them graduate more quickly and looking for ways to allow a student to matriculate as quickly as they can or complete their goals as quickly as they can. We have an opportunity now to do that in different ways than we've ever been able to do in Alabama before. Being able to provide programs, that students can be able to enter in at any time, whether they're in high school or they're as an adult learner, we have opportunities for them to engage in further education. That's what's really important to us is we want the community college system to be the workforce entity for our state, so that every individual knows where to go. Every employer in our state knows where to start and how do I make sure to find employees who have the skills that they need.

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