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MINDS-i Education: Unlocking STEM Potential with Canvas LMS

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Adopted Canvas LMS (2020)


MINDS-i Education is an innovative venture driven by a passion for advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, particularly in robotics and technology. Founded by a team with extensive experience in contract manufacturing, including medical, aerospace, and military equipment, MINDS-i Education aims to bridge the gap in robotics education from elementary to high school levels.

Since its inception, MINDS-i Education has continually expanded its product line to encompass a wide array of educational kits, from electric cars to Mars rovers and quadcopters. Each offering is meticulously crafted to align with thematic curriculums, fostering exploration and innovation among students. The latest addition, an autonomous farming tractor, showcases MINDS-i Education's commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning.

The Challenge

As MINDS-i Education expanded its offerings, they encountered challenges keeping customers updated with physical materials such as binders. The process of sending updates via mail or files for manual printing and organization was increasingly burdensome. Seeking a simpler solution, they decided to transition from traditional printed materials to an online Learning Management System (LMS). After careful research, they selected Canvas LMS for its userfriendly interface and comprehensive features. This transition enabled them to streamline content delivery, seamlessly provide updates, and enhance accessibility for both educators and students.

Key Insights

MINDS-i Education faced challenges updating customers with physical materials, prompting a shift to Canvas to streamline content delivery.

Canvas LMS proved to be user-friendly, allowing MINDS-i Education to efficiently update materials and ensure timely delivery without extensive training.

MINDS-i Education aims to expand its student-led curriculum approach facilitated by Canvas, allowing for wider adoption and scalability across diverse educational settings.

The Solution

Among the options considered, Canvas LMS stood out for its simplicity and versatility. Its intuitive interface allowed for easy data entry, content formatting, and customization. Additionally, the widespread adoption of Canvas in Washington State's public schools made it a natural choice for MINDS-i Education, aligning with the preferences of their local customer base. The platform's user-friendly interface minimized the need for extensive training sessions, allowing MINDS-i Education to swiftly onboard new employees and clients.

Efficient Curriculum Management

MINDS-i Education values Canvas for its simplicity and ease of use. Canvas’ intuitive design and built-in features, such as quiz creation tools and multimedia embedding capabilities, expedited curriculum development. Canvas’ blueprint courses allow them to standardize curriculum templates while offering flexibility for customization based on individual client requirements. This system enables seamless updates to be pushed across all client accounts, ensuring consistency and timely distribution of information.

Looking forward, MINDS-i Education is leveraging Canvas’s efficiency to enhance its curriculum offerings to create accessible and engaging learning experiences. They’re transitioning most of their courses to be student-led while granting educators flexibility in course management. To facilitate this shift, they’re redesigning the curriculum to offer varying levels of teacher involvement, empowering students to take ownership of their learning. By providing teachers with unpublished materials and flexibility, Minds-i Education seeks to foster a learning environment where students can navigate autonomously, supplemented by periodic teacher check-ins to ensure sustained progress and engagement.

The Results

MINDS-i Education’s journey embodies a dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers through hands-on STEM education. By combining innovative products, thematic curriculums, and the seamless accessibility of Canvas LMS, MINDS-i Education consistently advances the landscape of robotics education. The strategic partnership with Canvas enriches the learning journey and equips MINDS-i Education with the tools for future expansion and scalability, ensuring sustained impact and reach.

Canvas’ easy-to-use interface simplifies tasks like adding quizzes, videos, and other interactive elements, enabling MINDS-i Education to focus more on content quality rather than technical intricacies.

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