July 10, 2024
Jul 07, 2024
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Instructure Launches AI-Powered Analytics for Educators with New Product, Intelligent Insights


Intelligent Insights is a thoughtfully designed AI and self-service analytics product offering data-driven insights to improve course effectiveness, LTI usage and student success.

Salt Lake City — July 10, 2024 — Instructure, the leading learning technology ecosystem and maker of Canvas LMS, launched Intelligent Insights, a new product powered by AI and analytics, unlocking a level of self-service reporting capabilities generally unavailable to educational institutions. Once enabled, Intelligent Insights integrates seamlessly with Canvas and is accessible via the new Analytics Hub. Through Intelligent Insights, users can customize leading and lagging criteria to understand which students might need extra support, evaluate course readiness, understand LTI usage and ask complex questions with the “Ask Your Data” conversational AI feature to generate impactful insight reports within minutes. 

Intelligent Insights enhances teaching and learning outcomes by expediting historically manual tasks securely and effectively through highly customizable technology. The user-friendly dashboards facilitate ad-hoc and custom reporting, allowing administrators to alert educators when students fall below a certain threshold, seamlessly monitor the usage of LTI apps across the institution and ensure all courses meet standards and requirements.

Automating reporting and monitoring gives educators more time to build relationships with each student, facilitating a personalized learning experience. In a 2023 study, 92% of faculty rated “adequate prep time” as important instructional support for teaching. In addition, 76% of faculty stated technology and tools, such as AI and analytics tools, are important to the overall impact of their teaching. Intelligent Insights provides innovative real-time solutions to address the evolving needs of educators and administrators by making it possible to implement best practices that were previously too expensive, challenging and time-consuming.

Key features of Intelligent Insights include:

  • Ask Your Data uses intuitive, conversational AI to simplify querying data with a natural language interface that makes complex data analysis accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise;
  • Students in Need of Attention enables proactive monitoring of institution-defined leading and lagging indicators, giving better visibility of students in need of additional support; 
  • Course Readiness assesses the preparedness of courses and ensures consistent, high-quality educational delivery; 
  • LTI Usage Reporting offers comprehensive insights into third-party tool utilization for better resource management.

"Intelligent Insights embodies our commitment to harnessing the power of AI to transform educational outcomes. This new analytics offering is not just about data analysis; it enables institutions to act swiftly and effectively on data-driven insights, fostering a more engaging and effective educational environment,” said Shiren Vijiasingam, Chief Product Officer at Instructure.

More than 35 customers worldwide beta-tested Intelligent Insights, most of which are higher education institutions, including San Diego State University, Oxford University and Cornell University.

Sean Hauze, Ph.D., Senior Director of Instructional Technology at San Diego State University, has praised the seamless integration of Intelligent Insights: "The Ask Your Data feature has been a game changer for us, empowering our leaders to interact with our data in a conversational way that was previously unimaginable. The ease of adoption and the value we've seen from Intelligent Insights has democratized our ability to leverage data—by both technical and non-technical leaders alike—in support of our educational ethos of ‘Students at Our Core.’”

Mark Bramwell, CIO of Oxford Said Business School and Director of Strategic Digital Partnerships, noted, "We're proud to be an early adopter of Intelligent Insights. We understand the value and importance of data in addressing student needs and measuring and enhancing educational impact. With this, we look to enable and empower our people with the latest digital capabilities so they can continue to deliver world-leading teaching and innovation and best equip and prepare our students with the digital skills they will need in the workplace.”

Intelligent Insights is now available globally and designed to serve a broad range of educational institutions, from K-12 and higher education to professional learning and beyond. For more information on Intelligent Insights, visit the Instructure site.

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