CASE Benchmark Assessments for Math Receive Louisiana Tier 1 Rating

WAKEFIELD, Mass., September 24, 2020 – Certica Solutions, provider of high-impact K-12 assessment and analytics solutions, today announced that the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) has given the TE21-CASE Benchmark Assessments™ for Math in grades 3-8 and Algebra I the highest rating in its comprehensive review process. The LDOE Tiered Review Process determines the degree of alignment with the Louisiana Student Standards, to support school districts in making purchases of instructional materials and benchmark assessments. Tier 1-rated assessments meet “all non-negotiable criteria” and score “the best possible on all indicators of superior quality.”

The TE21-CASE Benchmark Assessments were first developed in 2010 and are designed to measure students’ mastery of learning standards at key points during the school year and be predictive of students’ performance on state summative assessments. The Assessments are modeled after each state’s summative assessment blueprint and are highly regarded by school districts for their quality, rigor and learning standards alignment. The assessments are also able to be configured to match districts’ instructional scope and sequence. Teachers use CASE Benchmark Assessment data to inform instructional decisions, design interventions, and personalize the student’s learning experience.

Louisiana is one of four states where Certica has expanded its K-12 assessment solutions in the 2020-21 school year, making the assessments available in nine states.

Leandrew Drake, Jr., principal at Madison Middle School, Madison Parish School Board in Tallulah, Louisiana, is planning to use the TE21-CASE Benchmarks this school year. Said Drake, “I’ve had the pleasure of using the TE21-CASE assessment products for several years in another state, and I’ve been extremely satisfied with the quality and customer service the company provided to teachers in my school, and to me as a school leader. I’m excited that the CASE Benchmark Assessments are now rated Tier 1 in Louisiana. My entire staff is looking forward to using these assessments this year.”

Certica’s expansion of the CASE Benchmark Assessments follows its acquisition of assessment provider TE21 in early 2019. Said Mark Rankovic, president and CEO of Certica, “we are thrilled to have attained this Tier 1 recognition of our Math assessments by the Louisiana Department of Education. Their extensive review process ensures that districts use the highest quality assessments to inform instruction. We are excited to deepen our partnerships in Louisiana and help educators and students benefit from these unique assessments.”

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Cory Edwards
Vice President, Corporate Communications