Mastery Item Bank

Content that Leads to Meaningful Insights

Districts rely on formative assessment to evaluate student learning and provide accessible feedback to educators. Support those efforts by offering the Mastery Item Bank, the leading formative assessment item bank in K-12. Developed by Instructure, delivered through our network of partners.


Supercharge the formative process

Expertly-Designed Items

Empower users to create formative assessments from 98K+ standards-based items in ELA, math, science, and social studies.

Precise Standards Alignment

Rely on the most accurate and up to date standards alignment for all 50 states and D.C., Common Core State Standards, as well as Next Generation Science Standards.

Item Types Educators Need

Over 10,000 tech enhanced items. 3,000+ constructed response items. Over 400 writing prompts. More than 22,000 Spanish-translated items. All at your fingertips.

Fuel Formative Feedback

Items are tagged with metadata like DOK, difficulty level, and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to guide item selection and analysis. Rubrics are provided for constructed response items and writing prompts to assist with reliable scoring.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Items can be modified to suit the needs of any classroom. Change the number of distractors for certain students, edit names to demonstrate equity or cultural appropriateness, or update vocabulary to reflect curriculum.

Assess with confidence

The Leaders in Item Quality

With the Mastery Item Bank, educators can build quality, standard-aligned assessments with trusted results. Our team of experienced item writers, subject matter experts, and content editors use a proven method for developing items of the higest quality, while adhering to industry best practices and following the principles of universal design.

Developed and vetted by experts

Stringent item writing guidelines

Multi-step item evaluation process


Instructure partnership

Set Your Schools Up for Success

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